It’s time to build your full-time coaching business.

Don’t be scared. We have chocolate!

Join Build a REAL Business and learn how to build a coaching business that brings paying clients to you on repeat.

(Instead of a business with one free client and a lot of desperation).

Most new coaches are so focused on coaching, they make one of two mistakes.

Mistake #1

You don’t make time to learn business skills.

So if you are wondering:

How do I get past feeling like a fraud?

How do I get clients?

What do I charge? What do I put in a contract?

How do I make sure I don’t fail?

How do I get people to say yes to
hiring me without feeling pushy?

How do I make enough to replace my income?

Know that these are the business skills you shouldn’t skip.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s hard to get clients if you don’t know how to get clients.

Mistake #2

You jump to the wrong phase of business first, and skip around.

Every successful coach builds their business in 3 distinct phases.

Voila, the phases!


is where you start, and learn how to build your 5 core business systems.

The core systems are: Marketing, Education, Conversion, Onboarding, and Coaching.

In other words: This is the phase where you develop your awesome niche, fine tune your offer and pricing, build a great website so people can start to fall in love with you!

Coaches in this phase have 0 – a few clients, and have made less than $10,000.


is where you grow.

Once you’ve set up your business systems, it’s time to grow them.

This phase is where you start tracking numbers, get more efficient with marketing because you know what works for you, and focus on what is really working in your business as the amazing CEO that you are.

Coaches in this phase are working part to full-time, and this is where you grow to six figures.


is where you scale.

This is where you double down on your main offer, and focus on building the team and mindset to help you reach far more people.

Not every coach wants a big business, but if you do you are in the right place. This phase is where you’ll expand your mindset, offer and team, and focus on scaling what is working best in your business.

Coaches in this phase are reaching for multiple six figures and beyond.

And here’s a helpful graphic of the 5 core systems:

If you skip around, never learn the 5 core business systems and try and jump ahead before you are ready … well, it’s a recipe for failure!

In order to build a lasting profitable business, you’ve got to go through all three phases in order.

Enter: BARB.

Build a REAL Business is a year long mastermind and training program that walks you through all three phases of business.

Give us some time and we’ll help you build a PROFITABLE coaching business!

BARB comes with:

Step-by-step training

Learn the 5 systems so you never feel lost or confused, and always know exactly what to do next.

A fabulous community

Never feel alone, you’ll be in a generous community of coaches who get exactly what you want to do.

Lots of support

Get real feedback on your work and help via our live calls and student group.

Help for any niche!

All niches are welcome, as the 5 core business systems are universal.

Tons of confidence

You’ll feel credible, confident, and excited about your business (plus getting clients is also awesome!)

One last reminder:

BARB isn’t like other programs.

We aren’t about 5 weeks of teaching and then just pushing you out into the world.

If you value consistent ongoing support, a community that “gets” you and the relief of knowing you are never alone, BARB is for YOU.