Who to Hire First (and When!)

At some point, your coaching business is going to get busy. Or maybe things are already starting to pick up and you feel like you need some help, ASAP. When should you hire someone? And who should they be?

That’s what we’re digging into on today’s episode.

In this very cheesy eighties-themed season of the podcast, join me, Christie Mims, a career and business coach, and Bobbi Palmer, a dating coach, as we answer your burning questions about your coaching business. Bobbi and I have built six and seven-figure businesses of our own, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. And now, we’re sharing all that knowledge with you.

We’ll talk about what you need to have in place before you bring another person into your coaching business and our takes on the first things you’ll want to outsource to another person.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why you should invest in the tools to make your business run smoothly before you hire a person
  • Our top two tools that your business needs before you hire
  • What to consider when you’re looking to outsource tasks or a role within your business
  • When the time is right to make your first hire
  • Why future you–and future hires–will thank you for creating documentation of how you want things done now
  • The one thing you absolutely should not outsource as a new coach

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