What To Do When People Hate Your Business

What to do when people hate your business | coaching business | entreprenuer


Selling coaching, or selling shoes – which is harder?

I’m going to say COACHING every single time.


Because as a coach, you are ultimately selling yourself. Your skills and unique approach are what you are offering, and that’s a very personal thing.

Which makes it easy to *not* want to promote yourself.

Especially where there are people out there just waiting to be mean.

Nasty people are something I deal with more often than you might think.

The internet has made it easy for people to hide behind their snarky comments, or bad days, or general life grumpiness, and take it out on me, on you, on anyone who puts themselves out there.

It’s fun sitting on your high horse and judging others (we’ve all been guilty of it), but some people take it further, and write really odd, mean, or just random and crazy things.

For instance – here’s a fun message I got in response to this week’s Revolutionary Club blog on passion and networking. In that post, I mentioned grocery shopping and misspelled the word marshmallow.

how to handle hate mail

Random? Yes.

Is it an attempt to be funny? No idea.

Usually emails like these go to a team address, and my team protects me from any extra weirdness or meanness out there. But this one came to my personal address.

However, it didn’t bother me.


When I saw it, it made me laugh.

Here’s why: Because YAY!!

if this person wasn’t making a weird and bad joke, and was truly offended by the fact that I’m more worried about good content than perfect spelling, then she wasn’t ever going to buy anything from me anyway.

It’s MUCH BETTER that she’s out of my community.

I don’t want to work with people who miss the point of what was an uplifting and helpful blog, and instead focus on something completely irrelevant.

I don’t want someone hanging out on my email list, adding to my cost each month when I send out emails, instead of adding any value.

I’d rather people who aren’t a fit leave my community on their own, so I’m left with the ones who want to be there because what I have to say and how I say it resonates with them.

Ultimately it’s better for me, cheaper for my business, and much much better for my community.

So embrace the nastiness out there, knowing that it means you have a strong point of view.

You have a flavor.

And if it sparks dislike, that means it can also spark love.

And you want to work with clients who love you.

Here’s another email I got about the same post:

So this is me telling you please be yourself. Do your thing. Don’t be afraid.

If you try to appeal to everyone, or keep yourself so constrained and uptight, you won’t appeal to anyone.

So do you.

And just hit delete on the folks who don’t get it. 🙂

—>(read on for some behind-the-scenes-intel on what I did this week…)


People hate your business | coaching business tips | entreprenuer

What I did this week

I like to periodically share what I’m up to for real, behind-the-scenes, because not enough coaches talk about what it’s like to run a big business on a day-to-day basis.

However, I only want to share stuff that is helpful to YOU. So, if you like this segment, can you comment below and let me know? Feel free to say “I like it!” and I’ll understand :).

Anyway – here’s what I did this week.

Monday: I did work on July 3rd, because on Friday June 30th we had closed enrollment for Build a REAL Business (see details here if you are curious), and we had a lot of leftover work to get people ready for the program. I also talked to my team in our regular weekly meeting, and put together my work plan for the rest of the week, given that it is a short week because of the US holiday.  I spent some time on social media catching up, and wrote and scheduled the next Revolutionary Club blog (the one that I referenced above ;)).

Pro tip: NEVER start a group program the day after you close enrollment, you’ll be exhausted. That’s why I try and leave a week for me and my team to relax and take care of loose ends :).

Tuesday: 4th of July! Normally I’d take Tuesday off and celebrate, but we had done something different with the marketing of BARB in June which will impact the future, and I wanted to dive into the results in a way that I couldn’t do while the program was open for enrollment. So, I grabbed a coke float and spent 4 hours of day hanging out on my deck looking at the final report my ads person had sent me, compiling questions and building a tentative model for the future. Note: Overall this is fun for me and I enjoy it. My husband joined me in the review because he was interested too and loves looking at spreadsheets. I HATE looking at spreadsheets, but I love the story data tells me, so … I eat ice cream.  I also attempted to cook dinner and it was pretty terrible. Note to self: Try and get all the ingredients for a recipe.

Wednesday: I did some admin stuff, spoke to a bonus client from my Networking Masterclass, drafted this blog (!!), scheduled some social media posts and updated some outdated blogs, and wrote back to 70 people from this very community who had written in. Yes, sometimes I respond to questions myself! 🙂 Finally I approved some new designs for the top-secret Build a REAL Business portal, and then I wrapped up the day early.

Thurs/Fri: Checked email in the morning, and took the rest of the time off, trying to find a new desk and new hairstyle. I spent a lot of time in June diving into new growth areas in my business and you know what? It’s exhausting. I try to always plan in a day or two of downtime so I don’t burn out after any big learning or growth push. I’m looking forward to a more relaxed July, where I can focus on my most favorite thing ever: Build a REAL Business. 🙂

This was an odd week because of the launch and because of the holiday, I’ll be back to a more structured pace next week!

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