Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business and Slow Your Growth

Making mistakes with your website can cost you.

It can cost you time, it can cost you peace of mind (oh the stress of redoing things!) and of course, it can cost you money.

Whether you’re paying an agency to design and build your site or you’re DIY-ing it, having a site that doesn’t do what you need it to can hinder your business’s ability to grow.

Building a website from scratch can be intimidating, especially when you’re just starting out. There are more options than ever for creating a website, and it’s hard to be sure what features you will or won’t need down the road.

If you’re doing it yourself, you could get overwhelmed and end up with a simple site without the features that will grow with your business. And if you’re paying someone to build it, you could rack up hundreds or thousands in hourly rates as you figure out what you need from your site.

This season on the Coach Pony podcast, Bobbie Palmer from Date Like a Grownup joins me to talk about the mistakes we’ve made. Our businesses are very different, but we’ve made a lot of the same kinds of mistakes and today, we’re talking about our websites.

We’ll walk you through our mistakes with our websites–from switching to a platform no one’s ever heard of, to reluctantly learning to build WordPress landing pages as a workaround–so you have the tools to make better choices when it comes to your website.


Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why you need to think about your long-terms goals, not just your immediate needs when it comes to your website’s capabilities
  • Why your website is going to have mistakes and evolve–and that’s okay!
  • What you should know about working with a web developer

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