The Unglamorous Side of Being a Coach

Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed, and seen endless ads from coaches talking about how they “retired their husbands in 3.5 weeks!” or “Live in Paris on a cloud of diamonds!” or something else equally fake-glamorous?

Me, I’m SO over it.

That’s not what it’s really like to be a successful coach!

In fact, that’s why Coach Pony exists, to give you an honest, helpful, concrete, and sometimes decidedly UNglamorous take on what it really takes to be a coach and grow your business. After almost 6 years, 8 different large products and services, what feels like hundreds of launches, reaching millions of people and working with over 1,000 paying clients…I’ve seen a lot.

So, grab your sweat pants because it’s about to get real.

The truly unglamorous stuff happening behind the scenes.

So, first off: Full disclosure – as you read this I’m literally celebrating a huge milestone birthday and my delayed honeymoon vacation (I got married last year, here are some thoughts on that) so I’m writing this post a week early. And yes, my bday is a *little* glamorous in that I’m putting on real pants with a *sigh* waistband and shoveling cake in my mouth at this very moment (oh yes, I’m in the UK for a trip and I’m having high tea as this email goes out because SUGAR IS THE BEST).

But, I can guarantee that in the time it took you to read this a least 2 pieces of cake are on my pants, and I only know about ONE of them, so I’ll spend the rest of my birthday covered in smeared cake because that’s my life. Welcome!

ANYWAY, moving on.

What really happened this week: Monday

This Monday, like almost every other Monday, started off with me in my XXL college sweats (UVA if you are curious) because I don’t like pants to contain me.

However, I have added the decidedly fetching oversize black bathrobe to my ensemble. So I look like a bear that went to college.

I spent most of Monday morning fighting with…a hacker!

Yes, the Revolutionary Club website got hacked (don’t worry, Coach Pony is safe) and my developer fortunately leapt into action because she is AWESOME and fixed the problem. I’m not going to share her name because she’s mine (!!), but if you run a WordPress site and want some support, WordPress Curve is one service to check out to keep you safe. I’ve used them in the past and have liked their level of service.

But, it took us a few minutes to figure out the extent of the damage, and then of course we all had to do stuff like change passwords which I hate because I don’t like writing things down (because I’m lazy) and I can only remember two passwords at any given time.

So Monday start off mostly grumpy, but improved because I was holding Build a REAL Business office hours and those guy are the literal best. I love them (hey my BARBers!). So that was my Monday: I dealt with tech issues, met with my team, ate leftover spaghetti directly from the pot, mentored my BARBers, and oh yes – NEVER took off my sweats. Hello! I am fabulous!

Tuesday and Wednesday

I had to get my act together for Tues/Wed because I had to prepare for a webinar and work out in the morning, and one of these things required pants.

I spent time fighting with…dropbox! I have several computers and I go back and forth depending on my mood, so I was putting together some slides to present and dropbox wouldn’t let me access them from my main device. Normally with tech stuff I like to outsource it immediately to someone on my team, but even they can’t help me now.

Can you tell I hate technology? (If it stresses you out too, here’s a helpful blog on useful tools for a coach that will make your life a bit easier).

Anyway, I also was polishing up…my book!


Yes, I’m writing a book, and as much as I’d like to tell you that I’m on a beach on some sort of elegant writers retreat, I’m mostly in my sweatpants, though now with an added delightful scarf, because it is suddenly cold in Northern California and I am a pansy.

This process involves a lot of pacing around, wishing I was better with grammar, and staring at my split ends, of which I have tons.

I also spent a lot of time contemplating on if eating cake would help with the writing, but ultimately decided that my 6 am workouts are too hard, and I couldn’t let the cake win. Instead I looked at photos of cake, which is actually kind of comforting.

I’ve had at least 2 days of feeling like I got nothing done, instead of being a paragon of productivity, and I’ve had to resort to using Tomato Timer to get me to stop procrastinating ( if you are curious!).

I even spent some time researching orchid food on Amazon, because that is how much I don’t want to write this week.

Thursday and Friday

Thursday and Friday were okay. If by okay you don’t mean “I polished my book and sent it immediately to my proof team” and instead mean “I forgot to check on my passport and it expires soon so apparently I can’t leave the country and must instead spend time at the State Department’s version of the DMV hoping that they WILL GIVE ME A NEW PASSPORT BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO EAT MORE CAKE.”

I schedule things on my calendar far in advance, which is why it’s always booked up. So, losing a day to the man was not ideal. However, I rallied by locking myself in my office and giving myself a pep talk that mostly involved saying things like “FOCUS WOMAN. YOU CAN DO IT.”

I also spent time reading a few interesting business books while waiting on my passport, one written for start-ups called Extreme Revenue Growth if you are curious, and finalizing a few plans for later this spring for this very Coach Pony community (we always plan three months out in detail, and 9 months out loosely).

And finally I met with my mastermind partner and we talked business and also the merits of flying business class on long flights… so it was only what you might call a semi-productive conversation 🙂 .

Overall Accounting for the Week

I spent 2.5 days in full sweat pants.

I lost 1.5 days of work to a split between the State Dept and procrastination.

I ate at least three meals directly from the container they were delivered in.

And I finally *almost* finished my book! So that’s it.

This is a *mostly* typical week for me – though usually I’m more far productive and less focused on dealing with passport issues ;).

And that’s it-  that is what it’s like to be a coach of a global business!

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