The One Where I Started a Group Coaching Program (That Eventually Grew to 500 People)

Our story today starts, like most of my stories, on my couch.

In the last episode, we talked about the gritty details behind the group coaching business model. Today, I want to tell you the origin story of my very first group coaching program–one that eventually grew to over 500 people!

Our story begins with another company. It’s true! Because besides Coach Pony, I also own and operate a career coaching business called The Revolutionary Club. It was my first business, and it still exists today. That’s where I fell in love with group coaching.

So, there I was on my couch. I knew that private coaching wasn’t going to be for me long-term, and I also knew I wanted to build toward group coaching, but I was also incredibly unsure. My coaching business was still so new –only a few months old! Who I was to be launching a group program with very little experience?!@!

So how did I get off the couch and get started without making myself feel like a fraud?

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why I did my first group coaching session for free–and also what I asked for in return
  • Adapting a private coaching program for a group setting
  • Balancing structure and flexibility so you can hone your program as you go
  • Adding value–and upping your price–through each iteration of the program
  • Lessons learned from growing from a free program with five people to $1200 and 500 people

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