Let’s have some fun!

Coach Pony: Making 10,000 coaching businesses real.

First off: You belong here.

You are a new or newish coach, who hopefully has big dreams for yourself and your business.

We LOVE big dreams.

Big dreams are awesome.

But, you may be wondering “Uh-oh…how do I make them happen?”

If you are feeling lost, terrified, overwhelmed, anxious, worried, or excited-but-terrified about starting your coaching business, you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

We love you.

We want you to succeed.

We believe that good coaches deserve to get paid.

(We created this free guide for you on how to get paid, have you grabbed it yet?)

And so we’ve put together this safe space for you to learn how to build and grow your coaching business…beyond anything you think is possible.

Because here’s the secret…

…it’s not rocket science.

It’s definitely not easy, but there are SO MANY ways to make money as a coach and also have an impact on the world in a way that feels good to you, we just want you to know that.

All you have to do is begin.

Who the heck are we and what does “Coach Pony” mean, anyway?

Coach Pony came from the idea that “coaching” comes from “stage coach” – meaning to move you forward.

And ponies help you get there (and also like to travel in herds).

Sometimes, you just need a ride (i.e., the right people and the right information) to build your dreams.

We are those people!

Our mission is to make 10,000 coaching businesses real, so that as many coaches as possible realize their potential.

(i.e. Coaches. Not random entrepreneurs, or lurkers, or folks who don’t get it. We are all coaches, because building a coaching business is different from anything else).

Why? Two reasons:
1) We want people to have careers that they love (this is you!) and,
2) If we help you build a business, and you go out and help people change their lives, that means that in a small way we’ve helped more people realize their potential and change their lives and that is awesome. 

So welcome – and saddle up! We’ve got you now!

Our Favorite Resources

If you are new to coaching you don’t need a lot to get going! (*Whew*)

You just need a few things:

  1. A scheduler to help you schedule clients, so you don’t need to hire an admin (yet). We recommend calendly.
  2. A way to email people as you grow your customer base. An easy way to get started is with MailChimp or Convertkit.
  3. A way to take payment.  Think about starting with checks, and then moving to Paypal or Stripe so you can accept online payments.
  4. And ultimately a website.  Though, you can start a coaching business without one! If you build a website there are tons of things out there to help you – we recommend buying and building a WordPress website hosted via Bluehost or Siteground to keep things simple in the beginning, but you might also choose a done-for-you platform like Wix.
  5. And you need to read this awesome blog series on why most fantastic new coaches fail. Read it immediately if not sooner!

And who exactly is behind Coach Pony? (Seriously, why should we trust you again?)

christie2(1)Christie Mims is the crazy (crazy like a fox?) founder of The Revolutionary Club, a Forbes Top 100 for careers, She’s been named a top 29 career expert to follow, and has built her coaching business up from scratch, starting with nothing but a computer, couch, and lots and lots of chocolate.

She’s been paid to speak and write, she’s reached millions of people and served thousands of paying clients, and she’s gone from miserable consultant to someone who gets paid to help people which is AMAZING.

Along the way she learned a few things:

  1. In order to succeed, you need the right information at the right time.
  2. If you want to build confidence that you can do it (and also get some of that helpful information), who you spend your time with matters a LOT.
  3. And this whole journey is a lot more fun with people who support you.

So welcome to Coach Pony.  We believe in 5 things:

  1. Doing work that matters.
  2. Having an impact in the world (large or small)
  3. Creating a business that supports 1 and 2 (and also lets us lead a pretty cool life)
  4. Having fun while doing it.

And 5: Great coaches deserve to get paid.

If this sounds like you, get a SUPER HELPFUL free guide on how to do all of the things to build your business, and join 25,000+ other coaches in our community here!