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Real success stories from real coaches


“Everything has changed in my business, I’ve got about 15 paying clients, I’ve developed 2 programs and am working on a third.”

This was far and away an exceptional, action-focused experience – the BEST training I’ve ever had. Christie has a masterful ability to simplify complex marketing, sales and branding concepts – concepts that had stopped me cold to this point. Because of this program, I was able to put a coaching program and complimentary services together that truly resonates for my target audience.

Ann Sutton, Catalyst Performance Coaching

“In less than 5 weeks we made $29,000 from a brand new group coaching program!”

We didn’t have a fancy website or marketing, but we did get really clear thanks to BARB. I’m super grateful for Christie Mims and the support here in this group!

Natalie Barron, Core Creation Coaching

“I have 9 clients at $10,000 each! Working with Coach Pony was one of the best decisions I ever made in building my business.”

This program will lead you through from building your foundations to launching your coaching business. If you follow the steps, you will have everything you need to build a flourishing business.

Myles H. Smith, Empower Transitions

“I signed my first paying client for a 10 session package! BARB is MORE than worth the investment.”

While in [Phase 1 of] the program, I was able to develop and test my niche, practice and get comfortable with selling, I built my website, created my first freebie and email nurture sequence, booked my first speaking engagement, and signed my first paying client for a 10 session package!

Toyah Brooks, 180 Transformations

How it started in Build a REAL Business:

“Before I began Build a REAL Business, I had just started my coaching business and was struggling with how to successfully set up my sales funnel and create a repeatable cycle of clients. I thought I knew what was needed, but I could not get anything working or successful in the way I wondered while also working incredibly long hours.”

How it’s going:

“When I finished the nine-week Phase 1 of BARB, I felt in a much better place. I knew what I was aiming for, and I had all my core systems in place that would build me to success. Plus, I had this amazing and supportive community I could ask for help with (and still do). What is amazing about the BARB program is how it takes you step by step to create what you need without overwhelming you. Today, my coaching business is growing with me getting on average 2 clients per month and the interest in my services is only growing. Last year I made €20k in sales [working part-time in my coaching business], and I am looking to at least double that this year.”

Phil Poole, Phil Poole Coaching

How it started in Build a REAL Business:

“Before I started BARB, my coaching business was in its infancy. I had a few coaching clients, but almost all of them came through referrals. I struggled to market and sell my services and didn’t know what to do next. I was writing a weekly newsletter and posting on social media consistently. But it felt like I was missing a piece to a puzzle that I just couldn’t find. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t attracting more clients, and I wasn’t interested in joining all of the other gimmicky programs out there that promised I would make 6-figures in 6-minutes. Those messages didn’t ring true, and I was looking to build a business that could withstand the test of time.”

How it’s going:

“When I finished the BARB program, my coaching business was a real business, as the program name implies. With the tools provided in the program, I created a marketing and sales strategy that I could rely on, and I became part of a community that I am able to go to for help and advice. BARB provided clarity and that clarity gave me the confidence I needed to run my business. I’ve served over 40 one-on-one clients. I also launched and filled all the slots for the first cohort of a group coaching program and have plans to expand my reach more significantly this year. I feel like the fundamentals I learned in BARB provided a solid foundation I needed to help my business grow, and I’m so glad I made the decision to join the program.”

Toya Gavin, Legally Bold & Woke Up Worthy

How it started in Build a REAL Business:

“Before I started BARB, I had no idea who I wanted to coach on what. I had a big list of things I didn’t want, a few ideas of things that sounded cool, and no idea how to start. When I finished [Phase 1], I felt confident telling people in the dog park, at the coffee shop, or at a tech conference how I could help leaders and academics in emerging fields deliver accessible, high-impact talks AND I had a few sales calls on the calendar.”

How it’s going:

“Today, my coaching business is starting to look like a real business and is quickly becoming my primary source of income. This quarter I’ve closed $11,600 worth of coaching and will be formally launching early next quarter!”

Tre Balchowksy, Tre Balchowksy Coaching for Public Speaking Coaching

“I’m $4,700 away from breaking $100K!”

All the things you taught me in BARB helped soooo much. Thank you!

Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current

“I had a $17,000 launch!”

Hey everyone! Doors finally closed for my Mastermind last night. I am super proud that I enrolled 7 ladies into the programme and had a $17,000 launch!

Caitlin Taylor, Warrioress Business Coach

“I was able to shift from coaching-on-the-side to having a real business!”

Just DO it! I almost didn’t sign up because of the investment and it is SO much more valuable than I thought it would be. During [Phase 1 of] the program I got new clients, and was able to shift from coaching-on-the-side to having a real business!

Dana Conley, Life Harmony

“I 5x’d my earnings from last year!”

I also just ran the second session of my 8 week relationship group coaching course for men. It’s a group dedicated to guys daring to figure out their relationship lives, and I’m loving it. Thank you Christie! My ability to do this is built much on the foundation you teach us here and the support of this community.

Matt Hillard Forde, Relationships That Work

“$1,500 in sales + 1,000 new subscribers”

Christie is magical in every possible way. She has this amazing ability to see the big picture and hammer out practical solutions you can implement straight away. Here are some of the amazing things Christie has helped me achieve:
–Brilliant strategy to guest post an article on LinkedIn that generated 147,000 views and over 300 comments (and counting!)
–More importantly is the fact that I gained 1,000 new subscribers to my opt-in list and generated $1,500 in sales (so far.)
–Clear-cut direction on an online program launch and how my email sequence was hindering me. I corrected it, got more interest, and as a result, more sales.
–Great insight/suggestions that helped bring my rebranding campaign to fruition.

The cool thing about Christie is that she knows the right questions to ask when it comes to the customer’s point of view. I cannot recommend her enough. She’ll blow you away with that intuitive mind of hers!

Samantha Gilbert, Eat for Life

How it started in Build a REAL Business:

“I feel like I’ve gotten further ahead in the last 8 weeks in BARB than I have in the last 6 months experimenting and wasting time. I just closed my first $500 workshop!”

How it’s going:

“I filled my business to capacity with 1 client over my goal!”

Ashley Cash, ACash Coaching

How it started in Build a REAL Business:

“Celebration alert: I just closed my first package in my new coaching business. My client was a stranger when I started the BARB program, and now she has paid upfront $3000 for a 3 month package. You rock, Christie Mims.”

How it’s going:

“I’ve been doing steady 10K months! I have a good problem thanks in part to you, my 1:1 coaching practice is full and I have a waitlist.”

Benjamin Easter, Lucid Shift Coaching

“I think I could have a year’s worth of clients lined up!”

I felt so confident asking for my value because I knew what I would be delivering — I sold a $3,500 package thanks to you! And, the company has agreed to raise my rates to $5,000 for the next round.

Christine O’Neill, Christine O’Neill Coaching

“Did my first presentation of my package and got a $3,500 client!!”

And he says he wants to expand it to cover a few other issues they have in their business when we are done so more money to follow! Thanks Christie for all the training, it really works! My class is paid and money in my pocket already!

Celeste Young-Ramos, Restaurant Success Center

“Because of this program I was able to gain clarity, confidence, and move my business forward.”

I joined BARB because Christie is down to earth, honest, and doesn’t tolerate BS. During [Phase 1 of] the program I got clear on my niche, set up my website, got my first interview for a corporate proposal I submitted. I now have the right mindset to start attracting the right clients (invaluable and priceless!)

Desiree Perez, Desiree Perez Coaching & Consulting

“Because of [Phase 1 of] this program, I was able to design my first, real coach package that landed me a $2,500 paying client in just 3 weeks!”

I loved everything! But I think the training on how to build my first package and work on the niche and value prop was VERY helpful. That was what was holding me back on getting a lot of other things done. Because of [Phase 1 of] this program, I was able to design my first, real coach package that landed me a $2,500 paying client in just 3 weeks! Now I feel truly confident talking about what I can offer and to whom. To anyone thinking about the program, here’s what I’d tell them: If you are truly looking to quickly figure out how to take your coaching business to the next level, then this is the program for you! Not only will you get quick hacks to overcome some of the biggest business mistakes that coaches make with your business but you also get to wear a hat that puts you in control of your success – growing your business! Needless to say you get to meet a community of coaches who are supportive, collaborative, and just down right fun!

Benton McTaggart, Benton McTaggart Coaching


“If you want results this program is for you.”

It is a hands-on choice of the pace type of program where you can expect to be challenged by a loving and caring community.

Liliana Turecki, Liliana Turecki ADHD Coach

“The Build a REAL Business program is so valuable!”

Every time I think about buying another course, I first go back to BARB and almost every time, whatever I’m looking for is already in the BARB course material.

Kay Kirkman, Joyful Dream Life Career Coaching

“I just did the [Phase 2] prep work. Wow. In all honesty, I didn’t want to look at the numbers. But I’m so glad I did!”

Using the BARB [metrics] template I had several helpful insights and realizations to turn into action. I see some huge gaps in my system, which I’ll have to fix, but at least I see them now. So, so worth it for insights that show you what you need to do next to grow.

Raina Willick, Raina Willick Coaching

“This is the best group, hands down, for new coaches!”

Christie Mims is genuine, clear, direct and HELPFUL. Her programs are super effective and on target for a new coach.

Yvette Costa, Full Circle Coaching and Consulting

“I loved the training and the interaction with Christie.”

Because of this program, I have a clearer idea of who my audience is, and have developed web copy that I feel more comfortable with (whereas before I was frozen with fear on where to even begin!) If you need some handholding and butt-kicking simultaneously, this is the program for you!

June Kaewsith, Jumakae Coaching

“Christie’s method was a complete breakthrough for me.”

I’ve done extensive business training over the last 2 years, but Christie’s is above and beyond the others! I feel total and complete peace that I’m on the right path now and I have total confidence that I can make a living doing what I love, while also transforming lives in a powerful way! Christie is amazing, total expert status and so fun! This program is worth every penny! It’s practical, addresses common obstacles for coaches, and is empowering!

Rachel Pozzesi, Rachel Pozzesi Coaching

“I can 100% guarantee you will leave this program a more robust, well-defined coach and entrepreneur. You will not regret it!”

I was getting so much out of the free podcast that I knew this in-depth program would be incredible. The entire program was absolutely packed to overflowing with useful, clear, brilliant information and advice! I have a very clear path and a focused list so I don’t feel overwhelmed, just determined and excited! I will count the day I decided to sign up with BARB as one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. This program is so packed I believe I got MORE than my money’s worth. I am so excited to take all that I’ve learned and apply it. I cannot possibly thank you enough!

Emily Winfield, Life Poetic Life Coaching

“It’s been incredibly well-paced, organized, and covers so much material!”

Do it! It’s been incredibly well-paced, organized, and covers so much material! What would have taken me months or years to stumble through and figure out was clearly laid out as a step-by-step process to use (and personalize) with real-time feedback. Great!

Polly Goddard, Sandbar Coaching and Consulting

“It keeps you moving forward with action and doesn’t let you sit forever “thinking it through.”

Because of this program I was able to clarify my niche, and put myself out there as a coach. I feel more confident in what I have to offer, and I was able to take action that felt scary. It’s a great program that covers all of the pieces you need to have in place for a business. It lays things out simply enough that you can actually take action on things, and Christie tells you when something isn’t worth the distraction at the moment. I also love that the business piece is coming from a coach’s perspective, who understands some of the unique difficulties coaches have in building a REAL business. Definitely worth the investment.

Charity Friesen, Charity Friesen Coaching

“In the spirit of the winged goddess of victory – Just do it!”

Seriously, are webinars, blogs, free challenges, and YouTube really working for you? Wouldn’t you rather have all the steps in one place and a whole community to support you? If you’ve gotten this far, you’re serious enough about your business that it’s time to buy this course. Do. It. Now.

Kelly Carter, Kelly Carter MD Coaching

“I got so much more out of BARB than I did by working one-on-one with other coaches.”

I got so much more out of BARB than I did by working one-on-one with other coaches even though this was a group and not an individual coaching program! I absolutely got my money’s worth.

Denise Csaky, The Firefly Moment

“Do it! Do it twice! It’s the most value you will get for your money.”

You will have community, expertise on your side, and an actual business model to go out there and confidently get and serve clients.

Mike Ambassador-Bruny, Drive Time Coaching

“To anyone thinking of joining, do it! It is WELL worth the investment.”

I’ve been in business for a couple years – really working at it for about a year. I wanted to really focus my efforts, so I signed up! I wish I had this out the gates – I think I’d be WAY further along then I am, but am glad I got this info at this point at least!

Leila Hock, Alignment Coaching

“Because of this program I was able to articulate to people what it is I offer as a coach.”

Because of this program I was able to articulate to people (friends and strangers) what it is I offer as a coach, without sounding like a woo woo coach, you know, when people say ‘oh, you’re a ”life” coach’ and do the air quotes like it’s somehow not a good thing! In other words, how to use potential clients’ language and connect more effectively! This is a real leg-up into working out how to structure your client offering, full of real-life examples which help you put things into perspective, into context and to focus in the right places instead of getting caught up in the weeds.

Karen Crawley, Karen Crawley Coaching

“BARB Phase 2 has been really helpful to my growth.”

Build a Real Business has helped me not just get started in creating a coaching practice, but also in continuing to grow. The discipline of looking at metrics in black and white each month gives me focus and acts as a catalyst to understand what’s working and what else I could do to be more effective. By reviewing, I realised I’d taken my foot off my marketing pedal, and a couple of months later signed £9,000 worth of business.

Nikki Hill, Nikki Hill Coaching & Consulting Ltd

“I joined BARB because of Christie’s success as a coach, her enthusiasm and her ability to instill trust.”

I believe in investing in learning and it made sense to me that I would need to learn how to build a business, not just how to coach.

Adelle Field Burton, Adelle Field Burton Coaching

“I liked the whole methodology of Build a REAL Business, it’s a step-by-step system, all you have to do is follow the instructions and get the work done to get clients.”

Training with Christie made me feel comfortable, welcome and most important CAPABLE of launching my coaching business. The work required to start your own “business” is skimmed over in coaching school. Many of us who are starting our coaching businesses have never been a small business owner and that can be overwhelming. Christie built a sense of community from ensuring we had accountability partners, to sharing successes and encouragement on the FB page, to inspiring us to FAIL FAST, FAIL OFTEN. I loved Christie’s clear eye approach that also encourages FUN.

Lisa Gilette, BigSky Coaching and Consulting

“I’ve accomplished a lot!”

I’m much farther along than I was, and in a much shorter time than it would have taken me to do by myself. Christie has amazing energy and is genuinely excited to share her tips to help you be successful in the business of coaching. You will definitely be glad you joined the program!

Nancy Terrel, Compass Connection

“I am so far ahead of the game at this early stage of my life coach training.”

I was a little apprehensive to sign up at first since I hadn’t even done Mod 1 of my coach training, but I thought that it would give me a huge leg-up heading into the program…and it did! I’m gonna be hitting the ground running full-speed when I graduate! Not only did the program give me a huge jumpstart on getting my business up and running in an effective fashion but it really pushed me to clarify exactly who I want to coach and why. That, in and of itself, was worth the price of admission!

Rick Harrigan, Rick Harrigan Coaching

“I feel so much farther along by completing this program. Thank you!”

I’ve done so much [in Phase 1], including: 1) Creating my package and pricing! 2) Being more confident on how to have sales conversations. 3) Creating my Loss Leader and setting up my scheduler and 4) Putting myself out there! Either in the program by participating in the sales challenge, volunteering for a sales consult or just posting on FB.

Allison Watkins, Allison Watkins Coaching

“I feel MUCH more confident about how to get clients.”

As a coach in training through iPEC, there is a TON of information coming at me and I’m doing my best to absorb it all. But I also knew I couldn’t afford to let the business training go until I was certified, not if I want to quit my day job sooner rather than later. I never regretted signing up for BARB in the middle of my iPEC training – it was easy to integrate the lessons and the action steps and did not leave me feeling overwhelmed with all I had to do. Thank you, Christie, for creating this program in such a way that it fits within all the other things your students have to do.

Hilary Clark, Harmony Coaching

“I love it.”

The program gets straight to the point of starting a real business.

Lisa Ingall, Couragecopia

“I will say, without shame, this is the first program I have gone through from beginning to end and stayed on track with!”

First off, I just wanted to say thank you thank you THANK YOU for this BARB program! I was so motivated because of how clearly you were able to break everything down in order to establish the systems and foundations I needed for my business. I would have never made it this far without BARB, thank you for this amazing program!

Latoya Braithwaite, Mother, Baby, & Beyond

“Join already!”

I joined BARB because Christie’s email about sharing your story on social media and hearing crickets hit far too close to home for me. I knew I needed help. I’d been plagued by shiny object syndrome, but this program was so worth it!

Asia Esanwa, Project Start Over

“THANK YOU, CHRISTIE! Really strong work!”

I signed up for BARB because I started my coaching practice almost a year ago but still felt stuck about how to find new clients, and what direction I wanted to build my practice overall. I’m really glad I found this program! It was an enormous help.

Sara Jones, Live Your Purpose Coaching

“It’s gotten me excited about coaching again!”

I enrolled in BARB because I didn’t get the structure I needed during coach training to actually start a coaching business. Because of [Phase 1 of] this program I was able to enroll my first paying client in months! I’ve built valuable relationships with fellow BARBers through the FB group, and was able to get more clear on what I’m offering my clients, as well as let go of some of my fears around sales.

Sarah Macy, Career Directions


“Nothing compares to being around like minded people that share your same thoughts and obstacles.”

These calls are amazing! I have met so many amazing and kind people on these calls. It’s also a great way to share ideas and get a boost of confidence! Highly recommend!!

Annie Das, Annie Das Coaching

“These are great calls.”

They let you crawl out of your entrepreneurial “business cave” and connect with and relate to real live people who crawled out of their business caves, too. The meetings give you the space to vocalize and integrate your thoughts.

Angela McKay, Angela McKay LLC, Life Coaching and Tarot

“Many thanks for the live lab and for making it fun!”

The time we get to spend in the small groups is particularly useful- good to know that we are all going through similar challenges and so important to be able to support and encourage one another! Keep up the great work! Thanks again!

Ben Royston, Break Through the Clouds

“These are AMAZING!”

Come and play. Feel part of a community going through the same stuff as you!

Vicki Landers, In Progress Coaching


Every day I am so happy to be a part of this group. We’ve all won just by being here and having access to this AMAZING teaching. So yay us! I learn so much from everyone’s posts and comments. And currently I’m working through the funnels module and find myself nodding, saying out-loud YES-es, and experiencing jaw-drop moments. 🙌

Karyn Macfarlane, Karyn Macfarlane Coaching

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a fabsplenderous Live Lab session.”

It was more energising and uplifting than 300 cans of Red Bull 🙂

Sarah Grier, Sarah Grier Coaching

“This was my very first lab and it was AMAZING!!”

This was my very first lab and it was AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, energy, and humor! And thank you for sharing your incredible work, vision, and feedback! Can’t wait to do it again!

Jody Lee Cates, Jody Lee Cates Coaching


“Coach Pony fueled a breakthrough in my business, with clients worldwide.”

I live in Hiroshima, Japan and, over the past 10 years, have built up a global audience as an expert in the area of raising bilingual and multilingual children. On one hand, I’ve experienced a lot of rewarding success, including several widely-sold books. But on the other hand, I was never able to generate a livable income doing this work…until I joined Coach Pony! After committing to this program, and to building a new coaching site, I experienced the sort of financial breakthrough I had long sought in my very first month!

Adam Beck, Bilingual Superkids!

How it started in Build a REAL Business:

“I closed seven students in my first group program for €2500 each (I now charge €2,999)!”

How it’s going:

“My business is going so well I sold out my program and had to hire someone to help me, and I have a micro micro niche! I must say that without BARB I had nothing. I am a master at selling because of the journey and lessons in BARB.

I’m celebrating! I’m a finalist for an award in my industry. Again, couldn’t have done it without BARB.”

Sandra Jordaan, The Yacht Purser

“It does what it does on the tin!! I don’t drink alcohol, so I’m off to eat cake and have a good cuppa tea to celebrate.”

Wahoo!!! 2nd client signed up today! 2 x £950 clients. I could not have done this without BARB. I feel so confident in my package and their journey and my prices and it’s all thanks to BARB. Christie Mims and all the support that can be found here in this group. Before I started BARB, I had a concept of how I wanted my business to be, after BARB and I have a firm foundation and a real business.

Maree Diamond, Maree Diamond Stress Free Sales