Should You Put Your Coaching Prices on Your Website?

putting prices on your website

It’s the age old question, isn’t it?

Should you, or should you not, post your prices for your big private coaching packages on your website?

Answer: It depends!

It depends on how new you are as a coach, and how many clients you have.

Here’s my simple recommendation and explanation, take what works, leave what doesn’t!

New coach: Don’t post prices for big packages.

As a new coach, you don’t have a lot of experience selling coaching, and you also probably have time to talk to people since you don’t have clients yet.

To get clients, you need to practice making your offer, and also get better at educating people about coaching.

You’ll improve at both of these things if you speak with more people. Yay!

And to speak with more people, it’s probably better NOT to post your prices, so you don’t eliminate those who are interested in coaching but who may find your prices high (because they haven’t yet had a chance to understand the power of what you do!).

Instead, invite people to set up time to chat with you to learn more, and that’s when you can discuss pricing and answer any objections or questions. (Here’s a blog with a bunch of selling mistakes, if you are curious!).

And if you are wondering HOW to price and worried you’ll be pricing too high or too low, here’s a helpful 5 minute video to get you thinking about pricing in a new way!

More experienced coach with more clients: Yes, post some pricing.

As a more experienced coach, you will want to post at least a minimum range for your large coaching packages, i.e. “Coaching packages starting at $1000.”

As you get more fully booked, feel free to just post the full rate.

Here’s why: As a more experienced coach, you are already reasonably good at sales. You also have a lot of your time tied up with coaching your current clients, so you don’t have a need to practice as much. And, you also don’t have as much time to spend on folks who can’t afford your coaching.

Posting your rates will eliminate folks who just want to “kick-the-tires” or who can’t afford to hire you as a private coach, and save you both time and energy, which is important, as being an entrepreneur is tiring.

Did this make you feel bad?

Don’t! As you get more successful, it’s normal that you’ll have less time free to chat with everyone who wants help. But you can always help people who can’t afford coaching by sharing free resources or offering a few scholarships or pro-bono sessions.

And if you are struggling with how to sell life coaching in these pricing conversations, please DON’T sell life coaching.

That’s 100% not what people buy when they hire a life coach.

Instead, go here and read this article immediately if not sooner, to understand what people buy (and how to talk about what you do). It will save you tons of stress!

—>Go here to read this super helpful article on selling life coaching.