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Christie mims

Lover of chocolate and sweat pants, Christie has built a 7-figure coaching business and spent years in the coaching industry as a successful coach. Now she’s here to go behind-the-scenes and share the good, the bad, and the ugly so that you can do the same. Grab your thinking wine, and dive in!

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  • How I Built A 5 Million Dollar Business Through Relationships (As An Introvert!) with Rita Barry

    Before she made millions and built a team, Rita Barry was a solo business owner trying to grow.We want to know, how did you build that?


  • How I Built an Online Program That Made 6 Figures Immediately! with Laura Belgray

    We’re sitting down to pick Laura Belgray’s brain about her program, Inbox Hero, that brought in over six figures the very first time she launched it.


  • How We Built This: A Special Coach Pony Community Episode

    In this episode, we invited our amazing community of coaches to tell us how you built something successful in your business and to share your wisdom with us.


  • How We Built An Inclusive and Successful Membership Site with Erica Courdae & India Jackson

    We’ll dive into how Erica Courdae and India Jackson grew their membership business into an inclusive community committed to guiding individuals in the process of defining their values, diversifying their networks, and disrupting systems of oppression.


  • How Niching Got Me a Million Dollar Business with Jason Gracia

    Jason Gracia founded Swyft Sites to be an all-in-one done for your website builder that grows your coaching business on autopilot. And it has exploded into a seven-figure business. So of course, we want to know, how did you build that?


  • How I Built a Big Name Podcast with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire

    John Lee Dumas has built one of the all time, top podcasts for business owners and has not only made over $20 million from his podcast, but he’s also dominated his market. Obviously we want to know, how did you build that?


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