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Christie mims

Lover of chocolate and sweat pants, Christie has built a 7-figure coaching business and spent years in the coaching industry as a successful coach. Now she’s here to go behind-the-scenes and share the good, the bad, and the ugly so that you can do the same. Grab your thinking wine, and dive in!

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  • Dear Coach Pony: How Do I Get Clients to Give Me Good Testimonials (Without Being Pushy?)

    Today, we’re digging into testimonials. Why humans love them, how to ask for them without feeling like a sleaze, and why it really, really isn’t too much to ask of your clients. We promise.


  • Dear Coach Pony: All of Your Refund Questions Answered!

    Refunds can be a tricky and uncomfortable situation. But today, Bobbi and I are giving you our best advice for how to handle these requests with integrity, so you can best serve your clients and your business.


  • Dear Coach Pony: How Do I Get Back to My Coaching Biz After a Break?

    Sometimes to move forward as a coach, you just need your questions answered. Today, we’re talking about how to stay motivated in your business and how to get back on track when you feel like you’ve fallen behind.


  • How I Made 5 Million Dollars From Writing with Ash Ambirge

    Ash Ambirge started a newsletter that produced six figures of income, which grew into an empire full of written programs, and landed her a huge book deal with Penguin Books. All in, she’s made over $5 million just from her words.


  • How I Built a Premium Membership Site on a Shoestring Budget with Natalie Sisson

    Natalie Sisson wanted to create engagement and support for a small group of people and she built out a premium membership program called the 10K Club on a minimal budget, all while the world was in lockdown.


  • How I Built A 5 Million Dollar Business Through Relationships (As An Introvert!) with Rita Barry

    Before she made millions and built a team, Rita Barry was a solo business owner trying to grow.We want to know, how did you build that?


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