How to Build a Real Business…

…MINUS The Pain

The first thing I did on my journey to from “coach who falls asleep on couch and stress-eats nachos while feeling overwhelmed…”


“Coach who has a successful business and has helped thousands of paying clients” …

…was to get over myself.

(Not where you expected me to start as part of giving you a concrete example, right? But it’s important).

I like to think I’m a smart cookie.

That I can figure things out on my own.

I am also easily distracted by sparkly objects (actual and ideas :)).

And until I started full-time as a coach, I’d never had any real solo-entrepreneur experience.

But yet, in my boundless optimism, I thought I could piece a successful business together randomly, just by getting out there, talking to folks, posting on social media.

And hoping.

I was this person:

The difference for me was discovering the power of systems.

And learning about how to do them effectively.

And accepting that I don’t know everything (hard for me).

But if I wanted to be successful, I needed to get help.

I needed to be strategic and build an entire fun business world.

In short – this:

If you are feeling pretty Hope right now, I *get it.*

Honestly, it means you have heart and hustle, and that’s a great thing! We as coaches care about helping, and that’s awesome.

But it’s not enough.

I want you to pass through the membrane of doubts, fears, personal judgement, belief that you know how things should be, and also random ideas that often distract you…

…and accept that it’s okay to embrace being a real business owner and learning how to build effective systems so you can have REAL success.

Here’s the big-picture view of what I’m talking about again.

Here’s the thing to understand:

It doesn’t matter what marketing system you use (Facebook, Networking, Pinterest, Speaking etc), or what coaching system you use, or even what onboarding system you use.

There is no special “magic” bullet.

What matters is that you set up a fun business world with the  systems to attract the RIGHT clients to you, and then coach the heck out of them.

Much like Els, Tineke, and Paquetia did, students from my program:

Who are the right clients?

Clients who need your help.

Clients who WANT your help.

Clients who can PAY for your help. 

You shouldn’t be trying to coach everyone!

You shouldn’t be trying to attract everyone!

You should TURN DOWN the wrong clients.

The point is to build systems that pull clients to you, and actively eliminate people who aren’t a fit for you, or a fit for coaching, or who can’t afford it, and set the rest up for monumental success.

Every part of your business systems should make your life easier, by only advancing the right potential clients.

Your marketing should turn some people off, and make some people incredibly excited.

Your website should make it clear who you serve, and some people should immediately leave, while others read every single thing you’ve written.

Your conversion system should help those who can’t afford coaching to eliminate themselves.

Your on-boarding system should set your clients up for success.

And so on and so forth!

The beauty of this is that you maximize your time, you get the best clients for you, you get paid to coach, and your clients get amazing results.

This leads to an awesome halo and word of mouth, so that things just keep growing…and growing.

But you aren’t working any harder.

And here’s the weird example…

Right now you are IN my education system. (!!!!!)

What? Yes!

I’ve got several robust marketing methods. Maybe you found me via search, or you saw something we posted on Pinterest, or you just heard about Coach Pony via word of mouth.

So you came and checked us out.

Then you started to click around and learn more and you’ve ended up here. Deep in the bowels of my website.

You are now in the first part of my education system, learning some things about coaching, as well as my philosophy around building a great coaching business (the short: Build great systems).

These systems are quietly working to qualify both of us – am I someone you trust and want to listen to? Are you someone who is a good fit for my style?

Does this part turn some people off?

Of course! But for the people who love to know how the magic trick is done and who like my style it’s catnip.

(I personally love to know how the magic trick is done!).

For example, below is some data from just two days of folks who went through the first part of my education system just like this one, and then decided to progress deeper and learn about my paid coaching programs for life coaches.

They gave me their email as a part of signing up to learn more, there was no pressure to join the community.

The first email I sent was about my Build a REAL Business program.

Notice, the vast majority opened the email and then clicked through to learn about the program:

And of those who went and looked, many bought :).

Over the course of just a few hours, to a tiny group of people, my program brought in $7485.

And it keeps doing it!

I’ve made close to $30,000 in under an hour from just this one program.

That’s the benefit of a system.

And it works across all niches.

Here’s another example of sales from a DIY program I offer, called the Networking Masterclass, which I initially built for my career folks.

These sales happen regularly, but in this case, they were happening while I was out drinking with a friend for her birthday.

My business systems were rolling in a small, automatic launch while I stepped away, resulting in $14,000 in under 3 hours.

Not bad, right?

That’s the benefit of an *always on* BUSINESS SYSTEM, instead of a random approach trying to sell “life coaching.”

The system draws the right clients to you, at the right time, and fills your business with people who want to be coached by you.

How does that sound?

(It sounds awesome. We both know it :)).

So, are you ready for the magic of pulling people towards you, instead of feeling like you have to push people to hire you?

There’s only one page left, it’s time to go deeper into my world…

Click CONTINUE TO THE LAST PAGE to read how it works the Coach Pony way!

Key points to remember as you are eating chocolate:

  • If you can let go of your old beliefs about what you know (and what you don’t) and stop *hoping* things will work out in your business, they actually might!
  • Business success comes from building smart systems that pull clients to you. Remember: The wealth is in the systems. But also, the mistakes are in the LACK of systems. This isn’t magic, it’s just smart work.
  • Once you set up your basic 5 business systems then you are cooking with gas, no matter what type of niche or business you choose. Clients will come because you’ve set up a system to draw them in!