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This is an informal story of my personal journey on each money path so you have a real-life example and color commentary about how it can work. But please know that there are always multiple ways to succeed on each Money Path so don’t worry if I did something that you don’t want to do, just take a note of what you liked and didn’t :).

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Private Coaching: 1:30 – how I got my first clients and made my first six figures 🙂
Group Coaching: 8:50 – the origins of a program that has served hundreds
Retreats: 17:08 – the big failure of my first retreat! (And what I did next)
Writing a book: 28: 57 – how I pulled it off in 30 minutes a day
DIY Programs: 38:06 – the story of getting paid to build a program
Partner Programs: 44:15 – how I landed my first partner!