Want to know how coaches make money?

Finally get real answers.

Learn six proven ways coaches make money in Money Paths the book!

Send me the book + bonuses for $4.99!

Want to know how coaches make money?

Finally get real answers.

Learn the six proven ways coaches make money in Money Paths the book!

There's a money path out there for you.

But you may be doubtful.

You are brand new as a coach. You don't feel particularly confident and credible.

You don't have a page of hundreds of testimonials (like this one), or a long list of "as seen on" media mentions.

What you do have is a love of coaching and a desire to help people.

But how do you make money doing what you love?

There are actually 6 different ways coaches make money.

From private coaching to hosting retreats, there's a business model or offer that will work for you and your life.

You are unique! You've got goals and ideas.

And so you should pick a path to make money as a coach that fits you.

That's why Money Paths exists.

Instead of vague answers and crazy promises, you'll finally get real answers and some actual money math examples of what you can earn as a coach, and how.

Best of all, this book is NOT overwhelming. No ma'am! We are simple and straight to the point.

Don't take our word for it, here are what some of our readers have said:

What's covered in Money Paths, The Second Edition?

The second edition of the book features expanded teaching and brand new chapters designed to save you time and help you master the business side of coaching!


How does each money path work?

If you are looking to understand how each money path works, awesome! We'll define and then break down how each path works in a coaching business. Including reviewing what to expect, how to get started, and what you can potentially earn. This way you'll know exactly what you might be signing on for, and what effort you'll be spending along the way.


What are the pros and cons?

Each way of making money has both big pros and big cons. Before you jump into your coaching business it's important that you know what exactly to expect, and what may trip you up. This way you can save time and stress by making an informed decision about what is right for you!


What tools do you need to get started?

Some paths are more technologically challenging than others. We'll give you a simple overview of what tech tools and things you need on each path, so you don't get in over your head.


How much can you expect to make and should you do it?

Before embarking on any path, whether it's private coaching or writing a book, you should be clear-eyed about what you can expect to earn. After working with tens of thousands of coaches, we are pretty in-the-know on what coaches are earning. We'll break down how the money math works on each major path so you can make a smart choice for you, as well as recommend if this path is a good place to start...or not!


Real life stories on each path!

Wondering what it looks like to make money as a coach on each path? Get inside quick and dirty stories and real life examples so you can see how to apply your learning instantly!


The 9 most burning business questions

Got a burning business question, like where to get certified (or even if you need to get certified?). Or if you should niche? We've got a whole section on that in Money Paths to save you time and stress, and most importantly to make sure you have all of the information you need!


BONUS VIDEO: Seven Figure Business Secrets

Ever wonder how a successful coach built their business? What *exactly* they did right, and wrong? And, what they might change if they could go back in time? If you love inside secrets and the gritty details, this free 30-minute bonus video lesson on how to get to 7-figures will help you grow!


BONUS TOOL: Money Math Calculator

Ready to dig in and crunch some numbers? Use the six spreadsheets in the Money Math Calculator to analyze the money paths and test some business assumptions. What would happen to your annual revenue if you upped your rates or changed your costs? Is that retreat you're planning profitable? Use these simple spreadsheets to find out!

Send me the book + the bonuses for $4.99!

As seen in....


FREE BONUS: Seven Figure Business Secrets!

Love detailed, concrete information and inside secrets and stories about a successful multi-million dollar coaching business? Awesome! This free 30 minute video bonus training is for you!

Learn seven business secrets from a 7-figure business, and apply these lessons to your own coaching business for faster growth.

FREE BONUS: Money Math Calculator!

Want to "run the numbers?" Use these six simple spreadsheets to look at your coaching money path options with more detail. Review the examples in the book with these spreadsheets, and enter in your own business information to see how it all "adds up."

NOTE: the bonus is a read-only Google Sheet that you can make a copy of to use with Google Sheets, or download to use with Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or another spreadsheet tool.

Meet Christie.

The founder of Coach Pony and chief sweat pants wearer, Christie has helped over 20,000 coaches learn the business skills they need to succeed!

More importantly, she's the leader of an amazing international team over at Coach Pony, where our motto is "for coaches, by coaches." (We have another motto involving chocolate and wine that we will spare you for the moment).

Coach Pony's work has been seen in Business Insider, Forbes, Fast Company, among others. We've made millions of dollars and served thousands of clients using a variety of different offers, so if you like having a serious business, but not taking yourself seriously, you are in the right place!

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We keep things simple (like the book!).

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No! Of course not!

So, why wouldn't you grab Money Paths and learn how coaches make money. Real facts. Real figures. Information you can use to help you design the coaching business you love.

(It's literally $4.99).

What are you waiting for? A double rainbow? Medicinal chocolate? Something else?

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