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You are an awesome coach. But *where* are your awesome clients? How do you find them?

The last thing you want to do is relentlessly post on Instagram or be forced to dance in a video on TikTok.


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In this jam-packed (but brief, because who has time these days?) session, here’s what you’ll learn:

The annoying truth

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or not seeing results, don’t panic! We’ll share an annoying truth that will show you exactly where you went wrong.

The big fix you need

Once you know your mistakes in marketing, you can fix them. Don’t worry! We’ll show you how in a simple, concrete way.

Exactly where to find clients

This is the answer you’ve been looking for! Want to know exactly where to find amazing coaching clients? No problem. Here’s the inside scoop!

No Fluff. Just Actual Helpful Information!

Meet Christie.

The founder of Coach Pony and chief sweat pants wearer, Christie has helped over 30,000 coaches learn the business skills they need to succeed!

More importantly, she’s the leader of an amazing international team over at Coach Pony, where our motto is “for coaches, by coaches” and also “good coaches deserve to get paid.” (We have a third motto involving chocolate and wine that we will spare you for the moment).

Coach Pony’s work has been seen in Business Insider, Forbes and a bunch of other fancy-pants places, but mostly you’ll find Team Pony working from our couches and talking about happy hour. If you like having a serious business, but not taking yourself seriously, you are in the right place!

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