5 Things You Need on Your Life Coach Website to Get More Clients

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Websites bring *feelings* amiright?

There are so many things to learn!

How to write a bio for a website.

How to write an “About me” page.

How to find the best life coaching websites templates, or simply just the best life coach websites (so you can get great ideas!).


But don’t worry, you don’t actually need 1,000 things on your website. (YAY!)

Start with these five, and clients will be more likely to say yes!

First thing to put on your life coach website: You need a clear demographic and solution that slaps people in the face.

This is information you usually put in the banner of your homepage, and sprinkled about elsewhere.

Why is it important? Because people only spend a few seconds on any website deciding if it’s worth reading, so you want to grab YOUR people right away.

Let me say that again: You only have a few seconds, so you want to grab YOUR people right away.

So how do you do that?

Life Coach Website Example 1:

VOILA – here’s an example or two of websites that give you an idea of what I mean. This may look familiar :). Demographic = new life coaches. Solution = help with getting paying clients and making money.

Example 2:

And here’s one from a different niche that is using words plus images to show that it’s a site for mature women (demographic)  who want to date and find a partner in life (solution).

Example 3:

And here’s a sad face example. This is what a lot of coaches do, but what even IS this? It’s an image? With “Abundance Coaching”  in the header – what does that MEAN?

Because I don’t know what it means, I’m not going to stick around :(.

So let’s go deeper: A demographic = who you specifically serve (“people” is not a specific demographic, as it’s … everyone on the planet, okay?).

A solution is what these particular people crave.

How you frame it – in a question, a statement, an image, or all of the above, is not important.

For instance, if your demographic is professional women, and you provide them with coaching to manage chronic ill-health at work, you can have a banner that says:

“Struggling with chronic health issues at the office? I help you take charge of your health, so you can manage your work and have a healthy career.”

Or: “I help professional women manage chronic health issues at work, so you can have a career (and life!) that finally feels good.”

Or even: “Chronic Coaching: Help for professional women with health issues who want to shine at work.”

There are many ways to do this, and a great test is the 2 second rule: If someone random reads your website banner, do they know who you help in less than 2 seconds? If not, try again.

Remember, if people don’t know who you are or what you do immediately, they won’t stick around! And if they don’t stick around, then they won’t become clients.

Second thing: Seriously – what do you offer as a life coach? How does it work?

What are your services?

Your services or “Work with me” page is a place to be simple and direct. What kind of coaching package or offerings do you have, and most importantly, what will be different in my life after I spend time working with you as my coach?

So, outline your services in terms of benefits that help me with the solution I want. And show me how you are going to get me to that solution!

Life coaching can often feel intangible to most people, or a little too woo-woo. Make it tangible and concrete by showing them how it all works.

Here’s what I mean, using the same example from before:

Bad example: “We’ll do a 10 session coaching package on chronic health issues at work! We’ll figure it out as we go along, and you’ll bring me your agenda!”

Good example: “I offer a 10 session coaching package designed to help you identify and manage chronic pain and stressors that contribute to your pain at the office, so you can focus on having an amazing career. We’ll walk through a tailored coaching process just for you.

We start by identifying all the stressors as they occur – from your boss to your desk chair, to whatever is causing you pain!

Then we’ll group them into different categories so we can develop a plan to attack each one, one at a time, so you never feel overwhelmed. After that, we will work to develop your office support team, people who can help you navigate these stressors and alleviate some of the situations that make your chronic condition worse. Finally, we’ll implement the plan step-by-step, adjusting and tweaking as we go! At the end of our time together, you will have concrete systems in place to help manage and alleviate your pain, so that your career gets back on the fast-track!”

See the difference?

You are still allowing for pure coaching, but you are also demonstrating that you have a plan.

People like to pay for a PLAN.

Third thing: Educate people on why they should hire you as their life coach, and more importantly, why they should trust you.

So, you don’t have to spell out “Here’s why you should hire me,” though you can if you want.

This content is about showing potential clients that you are someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable, because clients like to hire coaches who are trustworthy and knowledgeable!

You can demonstrate your awesomeness in several ways (and feel free to do at least two of these!).

1) Write a series of great blog articles on your website (like this one!), that cheerfully help people and by doing so, demonstrate your expertise and credibility.

2) Ditto but with video!

3) Post “as seen in” logos to show that other, bigger and more known platforms or organizations have valued your input and knowledge. This immediately builds trust in the way Amazon reviews build trust. We trust the opinion of 3rd parties :). “Oh, she’s been on Forbes? She must know something!”


life coach website examples

4) Share client testimonials to show the power and real results of working with you. We talk about this in my program Build a REAL Business, because there is a right way and wrong way to use testimonials, but start by a couple on your homepage and services page to reinforce that you are a coach who works well! Do some free coaching in exchange for testimonials to get you started, if needs must. (Here’s an example of some good testimonials in video and regular form).

5) Write a great About page with a bio. The about page helps reinforce who you serve and how you help them achieve their goals, all while telling your own story – which helps reinforce your knowledge and builds a connection with folks (trust!). This is a place where you can talk about your philosophy as a coach, share credentials and experience, and show off your personality. Why? Because we like to hire people we like. So, have some fun with it!

I really like these about pages – they do an excellent job on the personality side of things :).
Lucky Bitch
The Middle Finger Project

Fourth thing: How do people hire you on your life coach website?

This is pretty obvious – what’s the next step to take to start working with you? Do you have an application for clients to fill out in order to chat with you?

Do you have a purchase button for a one-session intro package so that people can try out your coaching right away (without you having to commit to long-term coaching before determining fit?).

Do you have something else like a free session or a simple process outlined that’s:

  1. Super clear
  2. Super frictionless and simple?

Maybe it involves a link to your calendar, or simply saying “To hire me as your coach, do these two things [INSERT TWO THINGS].” Or it’s a link to your group program or a DIY program, or even a simple wait-list landing page.

If you are doing free sessions, I’m a fan of making people fill out a *short* application before they can chat with you. This will eliminate the folks who aren’t serious at all about coaching, and also give you some helpful information before you get on the phone.

But most importantly – how do I hire you? Just make sure it’s clear!

Fifth thing: How can people “try out” your awesomeness before they go further?

Most coaches throw up a free “discovery” session opt-in on their websites, and then listen to the sound of crickets.

Don’t do this. First off, a “Discovery Session” means nothing. Seriously! If I’m not a coach I don’t know what you are talking about. Choose a name for your free session that means something to YOUR specific people and then more folks will sign up.

But also – asking for someone’s time when they are just getting to know you is a lot like asking for marriage before you’ve had a first date date.

Give them something smaller that is helpful first, so they can “try it out” before they have to commit to a lot of time (like a free coaching session) or money.

This can be:

1) A free guide – see this as a stellar example!
2) A short free book
3) A checklist
4) A short video series or free webinar
5) A quiz
6) A challenge of some sort that is short and focused, so it’s not overwhelming
7) You get the idea!

Get creative. The world is your oyster! This is your life coach website, so you make the rules!

And the best news? You don’t need to spend a lot of money! Simple is always better than over done or poorly done, and simple can be relatively cheap (here’s some intel on what all of my websites cost if you are interested! I’m kind of a nosy parker myself, so go for it, is what I’m saying!).


You are reading this article because you want to get more clients, right? Please please please then learn HOW to get paying clients by reading this insanely awesome article series on…how to get paying clients! It’s more than just your website.

No opt-in required, just click, learn and be awesome!