An Interesting Business Tool – The Interact Quiz

Quiz as a business tool

So, there are SO MANY TOOLS and plugins and fun things you can do with your business.

You can spend literally 50,000 hours just playing around and getting overwhelmed by all of the different types.

Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

So let’s make your life simple. It’s my job to try things out for you, so YOU save time!

Interact Quiz – Why? Seriously, why?

I’ve been intrigued by quizzes for a long time.

In fact, what was the last quiz you completed? There’s been one recently I bet, right? Star Wars related? My Little Pony? Myer’s Briggs? Something else?

People LOVE taking quizzes.

They are fun, easy, and sometimes provide an interesting insight or new take on life which is fun. And the best part? They take almost no time to complete!

So, that’s why I’ve been watching the quiz industry grow and expand in the online coaching world for a while.

And after reading reviews about engagement and excitement that people have with their quiz results, I decided to jump right in and build a quiz of my own.

I chose Interact as the quiz provider because I LOVE THEIR SYSTEM.  I have a tech knowledge of basically zero. I hate tech. I do it because I have to, but I have a capable tech assistant and a developer on standby to deal with any tech issues that just drive me wild.

So, anything that has a delightful user interface and is idiot-proof is exciting to me, and Interact fit the bill.

I was able to create, upload, and adapt my quiz to better serve my clients in under an hour, which is a record for me for anything like this.


The results

I added the quiz to this Coach Pony website early last week, and started running it only as a banner – I chose not to use a pop up because I wanted to see what the least invasive option would generate in terms of returns.

Many people have seen as much as 300% increase in conversions and opt-in to their email lists from quizzes.

Me, I’m not there yet. Not even close.

With zero advertising, I’ve seen about a 3% increase in opt-ins on my website. Does this seem small?

This is actually good news! I have extensive experience in using Hello Bar on my websites as well, and the small top announcement banner is usually the smallest converting option, often converting at only 1-2%.

Any increase on that I take as a positive, given that I’m not optimizing the quiz at all. So yay!

(Here’s a link to Interact, if you want to check them out on your own. Don’t do that unless you already have a website and some clients, okay? I don’t want you getting overwhelmed).

The Quiz for coaches – a different approach beyond marketing

One of the reasons that I wanted to introduce a quiz is because it’s not just for attracting leads – it’s also great for on-boarding new clients.

You can create your own quiz, based on your own philosophy, and incorporate it into your coaching practice as a client tool. I like multi-tasking tools, and I love the idea that a quiz can be used beyond just marketing in your business.

I haven’t yet played around with this feature with my clients, but I definitely plan on it, to better help my students understand certain aspects of themselves.  And also to create an even smoother and more informative on-boarding process.

So, overall I’m thinking that quizzes are here to stay for a bit, and I’m excited to explore more options for them in coaching!

Feeling overwhelmed by all of this?

Don’t panic! If you are just starting out as a coach, read this blog on the tools you need in the very beginning right over here. You don’t need to start with a quiz on your website!

And take our quiz to find out what you may be missing, so that you are 100% set up for success in your coaching business! It’s time to stop stressing out, and start to get answers instead!