How We Built This: A Special Coach Pony Community Episode

So far this season, we’ve talked to big name coaches about how they built wildly successful programs, conferences, and podcasts in their businesses.

But it’s not just the big name coaches that are doing really interesting work.

Coaches all over the world, in businesses big and small and new and old, are building cool and life-changing things for their clients and their businesses every single day.

And in this episode, I want to highlight their stories.

So we invited our amazing community of coaches to tell us how you built something successful in your business and to share your wisdom with us. 

And wow, you guys responded.

So today, it’s time to ask six members of the Coach Pony community, how did you build that?

Kay Kirkman is a career coach and host of The Genx Career Show podcast. 

Ann Sutton helps mid-career professionals regain the confidence, optimism, and momentum they need to land work they love so that they have the freedom to create the life they want. 

Irene Alexander is a University Professor of Christian marriage, ICF Certified Relationship Coach, and the Founder of Adored for Life Marriage Coaching. 

Annie Das is a writer and dating coach for millennial women. She helps women grow their dating confidence and self love so that they can attract high quality partners. 

Laëtitia Gnago is the founder of Aligned Corporate Experiences. She is a Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist and Alignment Success Architect. 

Rob Southgate (MBA) is founder of ThePodcastProfs and Southgate Media Group.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • How Kay uses surveys to answer her audience’s burning questions on her podcast
  • Three key things Ann did to build a killer lead magnet
  • How Irene used a pre-launch to build her waitlist as she developed her VIP program
  • How Annie turned an article she was scared to write into one that’s been seen by hundreds of thousands of people and boosted her business
  • How Laëtitia created a tool kit for navigating unhealthy workplaces from her own experiences
  • How Rob lands guests for his podcast and even turns them into clients

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