How We Built An Inclusive and Successful Membership Site with Erica Courdae & India Jackson

Have you wondered what it takes to start a membership site or community?

Today, our guests, Erica Cordae and India Jackson, have done just that. In 2018, they founded Pause on the Play®, a community hub of professionals and entrepreneurs connecting at the intersection of values and visibility. 

We’ll dive into how they got started and how they grew their membership business into an inclusive  community committed to guiding individuals in the process of defining their values, diversifying their networks, and disrupting systems of oppression.

As an athlete, photographer, and creative consultant to personal brands, India Jackson spent the first decade of her career watching as talented professionals were forced to adopt identities that were sellable but not authentic. Watching the market flooded with an intense focus on follower count and crafted personas, she committed to taking a more aligned approach to influence-building.

Erica Courdae is a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and executive teams committed to shifting focus, power, and resources in order to create more equity in their business and the world. She believes imperfect action is necessary to create meaningful social change and helps public figures engage in the work without fear of judgment.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • What Erica says many entrepreneurs get wrong when they build to fill a need
  • Why their launch goals for the community didn’t have any numbers attached
  • How Erica and India went about building a community with safety and transparency as top priorities
  • What money investments they made to get the community up and running, and what they’ve added and changed since (so what it cost to get started!) 
  • Their top three tips for starting a coaching membership or community

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