How to Start a Coaching Business

Two pitfalls to avoid, so you get paying clients faster!

Want to start a coaching business and get paying clients? 

Of course you do!

It’s an awesome career, full of flexibility, creativity, and fun.

And of course you get to help people (yay!).

It’s also lucrative.

Who am I to say that?

Well, as I sit here in my day pajamas, writing this while on a two-week trip to see a friend, I can definitely confirm the flexibility.

And after building 6 and 7 figure coaching businesses of my own in a few different coaching niches…

…I can also confirm the lucrative part.

Proof you say? Understood. Voila!

Okay now that we’ve met, let’s talk about you!

And specifically, what you might be doing wrong as you set out to start a coaching business.

I know it can feel overwhelming in the beginning, and you might feel pulled in a 1000 different directions.

Paperwork. Pricing. Business name. Website. There’s so much!

Don’t panic!

I’m here to help you cut to the chase and focus on what is important.

And what’s important when starting your coaching business is proving your business and getting paying clients.

The rest is just paperwork.

So in this fun little training, I’ll talk about two specific things to avoid doing at first, that will save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars. 

And most important: Put you on the road to clients QUICKLY. 

Sound good? Okay!

How to Start a Coaching Business: Part 1

Avoid wasting time and money on your business name and logo

As a new coach you are excited to find a name that expresses who you are and what you do.

I get it! 

You aren’t alone in that. 

So, as one of your very first actions, you spend time obsessing and researching and obsessing some more over what to call yourself.

Do you use your name? Or find some thrilling title that powerfully communicates your work?

And then what is your logo? You are a coach and a company now, right? You need a logo to show that you are credible.

I know how important this is to you, but I have some bad – but also good – news. 

No one buys your coaching services because of your name or logo.

Let me say it again because this one is important: No one buys your coaching services because of your name or logo.

They are buying you.

(Think about it, when was the last time you bought a service *just because* the name or logo was cool? You bought it because you liked the provider and needed their help. For example: You don’t Uber because you love the name, you Uber because you need to get somewhere). 

Bad news: If you’ve put time and effort into this, but are still stuck, it’s time to stop for the moment.

Good news: You don’t need to stress about this for days or weeks!

And instead of spending hours and HOURS obsessing over this stuff, which – let’s be honest – is often a way a new coach can hide and delay *actually getting clients* – let’s give you a jumpstart on what matters most.

Here are some actions to help you refocus:

Action 1:

Give yourself permission to stop if you are struggling with what to name your business, and/or just use your name while you get started, so you can move on to getting clients.

Remember, no one *really* cares. The only one obsessing about this is you.  So stop.

Action 2:

Let’s focus on what matters to clients, which is your mindset. 

Here’s why this matters: CONFIDENT COACHES GET CLIENTS.

Remember, your clients are buying YOU, and to make your coaching attractive to them, you need to believe you are worth hiring. 

So I’ll say it again: Confident coaches get clients.

A beautiful logo but a super nervous coach does NOT equal a sale.

If you don’t believe you are worth it, then I, as your potential client, won’t either.

 So, what is one positive thing can you say to yourself to boost your mindset today?

Stuck? Try “I’m a caring coach, and I work hard for my clients”  or “I’m a good coach and I love helping people” or even my favorite that we use in our BARB program: “Progress, not perfection.”

Remember, even if you are brand new as a coach with limited experience, caring about your clients and working hard for them is VALUABLE.

⏱️ TIME SAVED TODAY: At least 7 days, probably more if you are an overthinker.

💰 MONEY SAVED: At least $200. If you got a professional logo done it would likely cost $200 or more. And if you did it yourself, it’d be hours of your time…time that could be spent with paying clients. So again, hundreds of dollars!

Ready for the next thing to avoid…

Plus concrete steps for what to do instead? 

Hint: It involves making your website so much easier!!

Just click below to continue!


Key points to remember with your thinking chocolate:

  • While business names and logos are fun, they aren’t what people are buying when they hire a coach
  • People buy you. You are the product, not your logo or your name
  • So don’t let your business name or logo design slow down your progress
  • Focus instead on your mindset, because confident coaches get clients
  • Click here to continue. Let’s save you more money and more time (yay!)