Part 2: Your Website

Your website isn’t as important as you think it is! *Sigh of Relief*


I know!

This seems bold.

You are here to start a coaching business, and I’m telling you to ignore the website?

!!!! Sacre bleu!

Now, don’t get me wrong: As a new coach you will indeed need a website at some point.

Websites are a great way for clients to learn about you while you sleep, and hopefully begin the journey of going from “prospective client” to “paying coaching client.”

But a website can be SUPER PAINFUL for new coaches.

What platform do you choose?

What design do you choose?


It’s overwhelming.

It’s stressful.

And that often means…you slow down.

(Which means you don’t get paying coaching clients). 

I personally almost had a nervous breakdown with my first website back in 2012.

It was the dark ages of WordPress, and things weren’t particularly friendly to those of us who are tech incompetent.

Worrying about my website slowed me down tremendously.

I wasted weeks trying to figure it out.

And then more time trying to fix what wasn’t working (most of it).

Time I could have spent actually starting a business and getting clients.

Here’s what I want you to focus on instead of your website

It’s time to update your personal LinkedIn Profile.

Remember, a website is about helping people learn about you and get more confident in your service while you are asleep.

It’s a way for people to find you and interact with you.

You know what else is searchable?


830 million people are on LinkedIn.

And when they search for coaching help, you could come up!

That’s a whole lot of prospective clients for your business.

A quick search I did on executive coaches, for illustration!

And having a good profile showcases your credibility and professionalism, both great things.

Finally: LinkedIn is free, impossible to mess up, and you don’t need to worry about design or any of the other website issues.

So please go and do two things to get your coaching business started:

Action #1:

Update your headline to show off your coaching.

This headline shows up any time that you post or engage with someone else’s post, so it’s like a personal online business card. You can take numerous approaches to doing this, but the important thing is to get some searchable keywords into your title.

So, one approach is this, putting your industry first:

Career Coach | Turning managers into C-suite executive

Another approach is niche forward:

I help new coaches build businesses full of happy, paying clients.

There’s no wrong answer here, we just want simple, helpful, searchable.

Need an example? Here’s mine!

Action #2:

Update your photo and banner. You don’t need a professional photo, but spend some time with an iPhone and a friend getting something that reflects who you are as a coach. And then put up a banner that instantly tells people what you do.

Like so!

Linkedin Banner for new coaches

⏱️ TIME SAVED TODAY: Too many weeks to count!

💰 MONEY SAVED: $500 – $5000 (depending on how fancy you like your website!)




There are obviously few more things you need to think about to kickstart your coaching business and really get those paying clients.

And when we talk about “getting paying clients” we don’t want you to have to feel pushy.

Or like you are forcing yourself on people.

Instead, we want coaching clients that come to you because they find you irresistible.

They can’t HELP but want to hire you. 

So you don’t need to feel sales-y and gross.

(Wouldn’t that feel great? Yes! Yes it would!)

Want to know what they are?

Awesome! I have one last page to show you how to become irresistible to clients.

So yes, I will reveal the rest of my secrets.

*cue magic wand*

Click continue to make your coaching irresistible!


Key points to remember as you grab your thinking chocolate:

  • A website is an always-on placeholder that helps clients to find you, and then learn about your services (while you sleep!)
  • They can be a pain to design and build if you are new to tech, and therefore massively slow down your progress
  • A LinkedIn Profile can function as a website in the beginning. It’s searchable and has enough content to let people get to know you as a coach.
  • Over 830 million people are on LinkedIn, and some of them need your help!
  • But that’s not all to make your coaching irresistible, want to see the rest and jumpstart your coaching business even more? Click here.