How to Sell Expensive Coaching Packages (In a Non-Sleazy Way)

how to sell life coaching

Hey Coach Ponyling!

Let’s talk about how to sell expensive coaching packages!

But before we do, here’s a caveat: Pricing and selling coaching is a personal thing.

You should price according to your own philosophies and beliefs, there are coaches out there who charge a lot, and coaches who don’t.

Whatever price you settle on, just make sure it’s PROFITABLE and you can live on it, okay?

And also make sure your pricing matches your level of service. If you are offering Ritz Carleton levels of support at Days Inn prices, you might want to adjust *a tiny bit.*

So, with that being said, let’s talk about selling those expensive packages without feeling sleazy or gross, shall we?

The thing we all fear as coaches:

The thing we all fear as coaches is naming our price, getting uncomfortably sweaty, and then having someone say: “Well that sounds expensive…”

It can lead you to pause awkwardly.

What do you say to that? How do you respond? Maybe it is too expensive?


People keep telling you to price on transformation or value but…

…How do you get someone to see the value of what you do, in a way that feels good?

We’ve got the key answers in this magical (and short!) video, so enjoy!

Here’s your next step!

Now, I know it’s easy to rush out and put your new-found price anchoring skills to work – but before you do, please make sure you know WHAT you are selling, and here’s a hint: It’s not actually life coaching.


Yes, it’s true! People don’t buy life coaching, to find out what they do buy, and how to better position yourself as a coach, please read this awesome free in-depth article. It’ll save you time and stress (and *maybe* save your business!).

Click here to read it!

(No opt-in required, just your finger and your eyeballs!).

A look behind the scenes

Still here? Awesome! One of the things I promise you when you join the Coach Pony community (join us here!), is brutal honesty about what it’s really like to be a life coach.

So, here’s another round of what I did this week!

Monday: This time of year feels really hectic. I use my Monday mornings to get organized for the week, calendar things out, and catch up on “big thinking” work. As we are now planning for 2020 (it’s November of 2019 if you are curious and reading this in the future), I spent Monday planning out our launch calendar for the year for our Build a REAL Business program, and what webinars and fun free stuff we want to offer you, as a fantastic new life coach, and then mapping out the entire strategy and related components like emails needed, titles for the webinars, and our ad campaign planning so my ads person can start to build it all. It was also warm outside, but cold in my house, so I spent a good chunk of Monday confused, and wearing pants + a bathrobe, because that is my level of sartorial competence on a Monday.

Tuesday: Excitingly, I washed my hair, and brushed it #GOALS. I also meet with my team on Tuesday morning, so we jumped on a call and girded our loins for the work ahead. This week we are transferring all 5 of my major websites over to a new hosting provider – Siteground if you are curious – and there’s no way this will go smoothly, because tech is my bane. If you hate tech stuff, I do too! So I spent the morning doing admin work and in meetings, then the afternoon recording a new video and also running errands. My level of productivity plummeted around 4 pm, and I definitely *did not* watch bad tv for an hour instead of writing this blog. Yes, I write all the blogs on this site – we never hire people to do that work here, because #honesty and #truth.

Wednesday: I had some awesome bonus calls with new Build a REAL Business (BARB) students (seriously, why are you not in the program? It’s awesome and also, let’s build your coaching business!), responded to questions and work posted in our BARB student group, brushed my hair again (I’m on a streak!), and did a whole long list of tasks which will bore you. The word “taxes” was used. I also talk to my ads person more about January, and we are moving out on ideas. The word “cartoon pony” was mentioned many times.

Thursday: We did some tech maintenance on two of our sites, which took longer than planned, and that was stressful. Have I mentioned I don’t like tech? So, after that I took the rest of the day off while my team did finished the maintenance projects. My boss is a LOT (hi! :)), so I was like “hi, I work for myself, I am going to take an afternoon off.” Did I online shop for makeup on Sephora? Hard to say. There is no proof! SHOW ME THE VIDEO TAPE. *pushes Sephora box behind couch*

Friday: Friday is my admin day to handle any tasks I put off, schedule my Sunday email to the greater Coach Pony community (join us here!), and review all of my data and metrics. I try and check in on that stuff at least once a week, as numbers are so helpful. We track everything from what webpages were most visited, to what emails were opened, and so on and so forth. I also have a regular Friday happy hour with my husband, which is supposed to involve us not talking about work, drinking nice wine and eating lovely appetizers that we make, but usually involves us TOTALLY talking about work, eating whatever random stuff is in our fridge, and debating “do we want to open a bottle? I don’t know. If we do – which one? Should we drink more water?” So…yeah. Happy week – I hope yours was lovely!

Have you seriously not read the article on why people don’t pay for life coaching? Oh my gosh – read it! Your business will thank you!