How to Make Money with Retreats

A retreat can sound like an absolute no-brainer for you to do as a coach.

Taking your business on a fabulous vacation? Yes, please.

And they do have some fabulous pros.

You get to do intense hands-on work with clients, some of whom will even become retreat regulars, which makes it easier to sell out your retreats over time.

There’s group bonding and the magic of taking yourself and your business out of your regular routine. New locations and new people can revitalize you and your business, and your attendees aren’t the only ones who will leave with new ideas and insights!

There are also some potentially steep upfront costs and other downsides. Hotel rooms, meals, AV equipment, conference room fees, your own travel–it adds up quickly.

And what happens if you don’t sell it out? A retreat for twenty could turn into a retreat for two. Yikes!

Today we’ll be taking a much closer look at hosting retreats, and we’ll unpack some of the pros and cons, some of which will surprise you, and to close out we’ll give you a basic road map for hosting your own. Because they can be so worth it.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How retreats can scratch the itch for hands-on client work if you’ve transitioned to larger groups or evergreen courses
  • Why retreats can be a great add-on for private clients who have graduated from your programs
  • The realities of the upfront costs of hosting a retreat, and how they can make retreats the least profitable money path
  • Seven steps for planning, launching, and hosting a retreat
  • Six tools you’ll need to have in place to host a retreat

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