Sales: What To Say When Your Potential Client Asks To “Think About It”

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Hey Coach Ponyling!

Sales can be awkward.

Especially the follow up!

Now, obviously you need to follow up (trust us on this, the magic is IN THE FOLLOW UP! How often do you buy an expensive product or program the first time you see it?).

But what if you have a great sales conversation, it’s a perfect coaching client for you and…

…these dreaded words happen: “Thanks for your time, but I want to wait and think about this.”


“Thanks for your time, but I think I want to try it on my own for a bit, before I hire a life coach.”


It can feel so awkward!

You don’t want to be pushy.

It’s also not an unreasonable request to ask to wait for a bit.

What do you say?


(Don’t panic!).

Here are four ideas for how you can gracefully respond in the moment.

Feel free to pick and use whatever works for you!

See, it doesn’t have to be so scary to follow up. Choose an approach that works for your style and feels natural, and then USE it.

But wait – there may be a problem!

To have a chance to have a sales convo as a life coach and get to follow up…you have to market your business!

Yes, that’s right – people need to know YOU exist!

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