How Shiny Objects Slow Down Your Coaching Business

Ooh, shiny!

Everyone gets distracted by something sparkly now and again. But shiny object syndrome can slow down your business...big time.

Of course you want to chase that shiny new idea, but dividing your attention across too many projects and programs at once can lead to disaster. Whether it’s burning out after working umpteen hours a week trying to juggle it all, or your programs not taking off like they could because they’re not getting your focus, shiny objects can take their toll on you and your business.

Bobbi Palmer from Date Like a Grownup is back with me again to talk about the mistakes we’ve made with shiny objects, and why having someone in your life who tells you to put down the sparkly can be key to keeping yourself on track (when you actually listen to them).

But it’s not all bad! As always in Season Three, we’re also talking about what we learned along the way, even if we’re still a little mad at our past selves.


Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How shiny objects slow down your growth–as a coach and in your business
  • Why closely tracking your numbers will help you make better decisions with your sparklies
  • How to avoid compare-and-despair and still learn from other coaches in your niche
  • Three key things to remember when you’re dealing with shiny objects

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