How I Made 5 Million Dollars From Writing with Ash Ambirge

Are you a new coach who wants to use words to sell things? AWESOME!

My guest today is a genius at using words to sell things. And she’s used herself as a guinea pig. 

She started a newsletter that produced six figures of income, which grew into an empire full of written programs, and landed her a huge book deal with Penguin Books.

All in, she’s made over $5 million just from her words.

Obviously we need to know, Ash Ambirge how did you build that?

Ash Ambirge is the founder of The Middle Finger Project, where she writes every week about how to earn $250,000/year as a high-income digital nomad from anywhere in the world.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • How Ash successfully used her blog to sell thousands of copies of her first book
  • Why Ash writes books and guides instead of selling courses or masterminds
  • Why her email list is the nucleus for every other project
  • What surprised her when she went from self-publishing to working with Penguin
  • Ash’s top three tips for gaining visibility from your writing

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