How I Got 10 Million Downloads On My Podcast with Emily Thompson

Have you thought about starting a podcast to build a network and market your coaching business?

With over 10 million downloads under her belt, Emily Thompson, co-founder and host of the Being Boss podcast has all the info you need and then some on running a podcast, and the amazing community and business opportunities that have come from it.

And of course we’re going to take it back to the beginning and ask Emily, how did you build that?

Emily Thompson is the co-founder and host of Being Boss, a resource, podcast, and community for creative entrepreneurs.

For over a decade Emily has worked closely with creatives to help them make money doing work they love, with a focus on building online business models and growing creative businesses. She’s also the co-author of Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • How a podcast presented an ideal opportunity to collaborate on something fun, with marketing and networking as the side goals
  • The milestones that really mattered and why they weren’t tied to downloads
  • How Emily and her co-host built the foundations for growth of the podcast
  • Where she’s happy they spent their money, and the investment she regrets
  • Why you’ve got to nail your niche to get on the charts, and what new coaches should do TODAY to get started!

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