How I Built a Seven-Figure Group Coaching Program

It can seem like celebrity entrepreneurs won the jackpot, but there’s more to the story. Behind the blockbuster coaching programs, offers, and live events are stories of careful development, fixed mistakes, and strategy.

On this season of the Coach Pony Podcast, I’m sitting down with successful business owners to ask them, how do you build that?

I’ll talk to a wide range of coaches and leaders, digging into how it all started, what they learned, and what you should know if you want to play a similar game.

And to start us off, we’re actually going to be talking about something I built. Today I’m joined by a very special member of Team Pony, or CMO, CFO, and my husband, Suhaib Abdali who is going to interview me about Build A Real Business.

Build A Real Business is a seven-figure program that I built that helps new life coaches learn how to build their own business full of happy, paying clients.

So, how did I build that?

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why I believe in running your program live, as you build it for the first time
  • Why my initial goals for Build A Real Business were about content and people, not revenue targets
  • Where I invested money and time, and why it’s better to start on a shoestring
  • My three top tips for building your own online coaching program

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