How I Built a Premium Membership Site on a Shoestring Budget with Natalie Sisson

If you love working intimately with a small group of clients, and you love the community building that happens in group coaching, you might be thinking about starting a membership program.

But getting it off the ground can be daunting.

Today’s guest wanted to create engagement and support for a small group of people and she built out a premium membership program called the 10K Club on a minimal budget, all while the world was in lockdown. 

So we want to know, Natalie Sisson, how did you build that?

Natalie Sisson is a New Zealand entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, host of the ‘Untapped’ podcast, and lover of handstands and dogs. Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs leverage their unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to get paid to be them, make the income and impact they desire, simply by being exactly who they are.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why Natalie chose the membership model and narrowed her offering to cater to a select group of women
  • How Natalie used one-on-one sales calls and a Google doc to enroll members
  • How she structured the program to offer an intimate, hands-on coaching experience
  • How she kept her initial expenses to a minimum
  • Natalie’s top three tips for starting a premium membership

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