How I Built A 5 Million Dollar Business Through Relationships (As An Introvert!) with Rita Barry

Are you struggling to get referrals or with organic growth?

Before you spend money on ads (which new coaches shouldn’t do unless you like setting money on fire), listen to today’s episode.

My guest built a highly successful digital marketing firm the old fashioned way–through referrals and word of mouth.

Before she made millions and built a team, Rita Barry was a solo business owner trying to grow.

We want to know, how did you build that?

Rita founded her company, a boutique digital marketing optimization consultancy based in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in 2009. Rita Barry & Co. is a relationship-driven company that partners closely with select 6 to 8 figure female-led businesses to help them grow with data-driven Facebook advertising and marketing optimization.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why Rita knew she needed to tangibly connect with potential clients
  • How she handpicked masterminds and events to attend to nurture relationships
  • How Rita maintains the relationships she’s built through networking
  • Rita’s top three tips for coach/consultants

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