Health Coach Steve Adams – How I Got My First Paying Client

Specificity is everything.

Knowing who your client is inside and out connects you with the right people. The ones who you know you can really help. The ones you’re excited to work with. The ones who will tell their friends about how you’re a total game-changer.

It’s more than demographics. It’s knowing their pain points, their worries, their fears, and how you’re the best person to help them fix it.

Sometimes you know it because you lived those same paint points, worries, and fears. And if that’s you, you are not alone.

All season, we’ve been talking to experienced 6 and 7-figure coaches from different niches about how they got that very first client and how they attract new clients today.

In this episode, we’re going to reenter the world of health coaching with Steve Adams from Tiger Performance Institute.

He’s a former corporate banker and veteran entrepreneur whose passion lies in helping high-achieving entrepreneurs, professionals, and CEOs achieve sustainable peak performance through his hyper-personalized precision health optimization system and performance training.

Listen in to hear about how Steve got his start in health coaching, his biggest mistake in his first year, and his simple ways of getting clients today.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How his own experience with burnout showed Steve who his ideal client is
  • Why you need to ask your clients for referrals, and EXACTLY how to do it
  • How he realized he needed to make a major pivot in his first year and how getting hyper-specific helped him do it
  • Steve’s top two tips for entrepreneurs and their health

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