Dear Coach Pony: Should I Run Ads to Get Coaching Clients?

Should you run ads when you’re a new coach?

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google, or any other platform, there are a lot of opinions, thoughts, strategies, and advice floating around out there about whether or not you need to run paid ads for your business to succeed.

To dig into that question, I’m joined by a very special member of Team Pony, our Director of Growth Marketing (and my husband), Suhaib Abdali.

Over the course of his career, Suhaib has run millions and millions of dollars worth of ads on different platforms. Here at Coach Pony, he specializes in Google ads, and we’ve run close to a million dollars worth of ads ourselves. So, we’re not exactly spring chickens when it comes to the advertising game.

We’ll each give our takes on what you need to know before you start spending money, and whether you need to advertise at all to grow your coaching business.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why your offer and your sales process need to be rock solid before you even think about paying for ads
  • What you need to have set up on your website before you run ads
  • Why a broader audience isn’t always better (no matter what the platforms try to tell you)
  • Why copy and creative will almost always take more time and effort than you think
  • Why ads are never set it and forget it

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