Dear Coach Pony: Is Group Coaching Better Than Private Coaching?

Does it seem like all of the successful coaches you follow or look up to have big group coaching programs?

You might feel like you should start a group coaching program too, but…you just don’t know. 

Is group coaching better than private coaching? Is doing group coaching the only way to make the kind of money you want to make?

This season on the Coach Pony Podcast, dating coach Bobbi Palmer, of Date Like a Grownup and I are here to help by answering your burning questions about your coaching business, so you can get more clients and get paid to coach! Get inside scoop from coaches who have built 6 and 7 figure programs in a variety of niches. We have a LOT to say.  

Random aside: we have a Bridgerton audio theme this season, so enjoy!

Today we’re diving into the never ending debate about group versus private coaching. We’ll do some money math and dig into the why and the how of making the choice between sticking to one on one or making the move to group coaching.

And, we’ll talk about some unexpected things you may not have thought about before about both group and private – and share a few inside stories of some of our programs. Good and bad!

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • The real math behind income and net profit in private versus group coaching
  • Breaking down the infrastructure required of each business model
  • Behind the scenes of what it takes to launch a group program
  • Why you need to consider how you want to connect with clients and the kind of lifestyle you want to lead

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