Dear Coach Pony: How Do I Get Clients to Give Me Good Testimonials (Without Being Pushy?)

When you’re trying to demonstrate your credibility, what’s better than having the glowing testimonials of happy clients talking about how awesome you are?

Even better if they’re spontaneously given to you with permission to share on your website and in your marketing materials, right? But that’s not usually how it works.

So how do you get comfortable asking clients for testimonials? 

And more than that, how do you get GREAT ones that will land you more clients?

This season on the Coach Pony Podcast, dating coach Bobbi Palmer, of Date Like a Grownup and I are here to help by answering your burning questions about your coaching business, so you can get more clients and get paid to coach! Also, we have a Bridgerton audio theme this season, so enjoy!

Today, we’re digging into testimonials. Why humans love them, how to ask for them without feeling like a sleaze, and why it really, really isn’t too much to ask of your clients. We promise.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why you should not only ask for testimonials, but you should follow up on the request
  • How asking the right questions helps you get the most useful testimonials
  • Tips for getting testimonials when you’re just starting out and are brand new
  • Why it’s important to be explicit about what client information you will and won’t include when you use a testimonial
  • An unusual way to get amazing testimonials (that also help your current clients)
  • Three pieces of homework to generate testimonials

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