Dear Coach Pony: How Do I Change My Niche?

As a coach, the niche you choose to serve influences so much of your business and it’s a key piece of all of the marketing you’ll do.

So what happens after you’ve been telling the world what you do, and then you realize, well, maybe you don’t actually want to do that anymore?

This season on the Coach Pony Podcast, dating coach Bobbi Palmer, of Date Like a Grownup and I are here to help by answering your burning questions about your coaching business, so you can get more clients and get paid to coach! Get inside scoop from coaches who have built 6 and 7 figure programs in a variety of niches. We have a LOT to say.  

Random aside: we also have a Bridgerton audio theme this season, so enjoy!

On today’s episode, Bobbi and I are talking about niching!

We’ll give you our best advice on how to choose one, and what to do when your business evolves and that niche doesn’t quite fit you anymore–because it will! It’s totally normal, we promise! Plus we’ll share our stories of evolving our niches, how we handled changes in our own businesses, and what we learned about changing course.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed of changing your niche 
  • How to communicate your evolution so your existing audience is excited to go along for the ride with you
  • Why Bobbi has stuck with her niche, but evolved her programs
  • How Christie’s businesses have evolved as she reprioritized but kept their common purpose
  • Two pieces of homework for if you’re feeling unsure about your niche and evolution as a coach

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