Cringe-Worthy Mistakes That Kill Your Live Event

Live events have their rewards: When an event goes well, you get the satisfaction of being hands-on and seeing people make progress in real time. Not to mention that attendees learn and make connections with your work (yay!) and each other! Everyone wins!

But when a live event goes badly, those mistakes can be hugely detrimental to your business and your reputation.

If people leave your event feeling that you’ve failed to deliver on the promise they paid for, your business will suffer. Or if they find the logistics more challenging than the results, they get grumpy.

It doesn’t matter if you held a lower-cost event for several hundred people or a luxury retreat for a handful, those people will never buy from you again. And…the worst news? They’ll probably tell their friends.

Season three of the Coach Pony podcast is all about mistakes, and today, we’re talking about mistakes with live coaching events, but with a twist! Bobbie Palmer from Date Like a Grownup and I are going to tell you about the mistakes we’ve seen other coaches make at events we’ve attended together.

We really aren’t kidding when we say every coach, at every level, in every niche, makes mistakes, even on things you might think are pretty basic, like not keeping people waiting in a boiling hot hallway until the ballroom doors open. Not that we’ve experienced that…. 😉


Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How not meeting your attendees’ basic needs–like starting on time and letting them know where the bathrooms are–immediately costs you respect and credibility
  • Why you have to set a real agenda–including session times and meal breaks–share it with the group and stick to it as best as possible
  • How attending to basic principles of hospitality can earn you more leeway with other mistakes
  • Four tips for successful live group coaching events, in person or online

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