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Secrets from an Executive Coach

How to be an executive coach

  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a full-time Corporate Coach? Have you ever wished you had a roster full of CEO’s as clients? Wouldn’t it be nice to be paid $25,000 per 6 month coaching package? Of course it would! But how do you begin? Where do you start? How does […]

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How to Scale Your Business as a Newer Coach (And Make More Money Immediately!)

Here's how to make more money as a coach

Ready to scale your business? (Or just curious as to how?). I know it’s the middle of the summer and it’s that weird period where a lot vacation is happening…and a lot of motivation is maybe not happening? I’m definitely in what I like to call “a vacation push phase.” I say that because I […]

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The 4 Tools Every New Coach Should Use

4 tools every new coach should use

Hey Coach Ponylings! The second most painful part of starting my business involved technology. (The first was learning how to sell! Here are some of my selling mistakes, if you are curious). In the beginning, I was almost instantly overwhelmed by all of the tools out there, and I struggled to know WHICH tools I […]

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How to Market Your Coaching Business: Part 2

How to really market your business

Hey Coach Ponyling! I used to be scared of marketing, but you know what? Now I’m someone who LOVES it. Marketing is FUN! Here’s why I like it: It’s creative, it’s interesting, and it has an immediate payoff for your business. So let’s talk about it more, shall we? Last week I wrote about how […]

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How to Market Your Coaching Business (Without Paying a Dime): Part 1

how to market your coaching business

Hey Coach Ponylings! Marketing has been on my mind recently. People always ask me how much time I spend marketing versus coaching, and the hard truth is that I spend 75% of my time marketing or creating content, and only about 20-25% coaching in my programs. Part of that is by design in how I […]

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When You Get Scared In Business (And How To Get Over It)

Hey new person! Welcome to the Coach Pony Community! This is where I share the secrets behind my coaching business. You are welcome to steal them :). This week has been hard. I’ve been trying new things and stretching myself AND YES I AM CRABBY. See, even though I’ve created retreats, written a book, launched […]

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Why Coach Pony? And Why Are You Sharing Secrets?

Hey new person! Welcome to the coach pony community.  This is where I share my secrets of what it takes to build and grow a successful coaching practice – you are welcome to steal them :). When I first thought about building my own coaching practice, I felt many WORDS. Overwhelmed. Tired. Excited. Scared. Determined. […]

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