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Coaches: Here’s How to Stand Out

how to stand out

Billion dollar question: How do you stand out as a new coach? My answer…involves a story! Here goes: I was wandering around my neighborhood listening to the NPR “How I Built This” podcast. (I wander in my neighborhood like a crazy person). ANYWAY…This particular business was with Melissa Butler, about her makeup business, called The Lip Bar. Melissa

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How to Get Referrals (A Simple Way to Get Coaching Clients)

I know getting coaching clients is probably the big thing on your mind. Can I offer a suggestion? One interesting, and simple, way to get coaching clients is through referrals. For example: Referrals from other coaches who don’t serve your niche. Or: Referrals from related businesses who serve the same customers. (Like a divorce lawyer

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How to Build a Successful Coaching Business (with plenty of clients!)

coach pony 5 business systems for life coaches

How to get more coaching clients? Let’s talk about the 5 systems you need to make your coaching business a success! Right now you are probably wondering how to build a successful coaching business. I get it – you want coaching clients! Given that, you might be focused on getting your first paid client, just

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A HUGE Marketing Mistake that Coaches Make

Hey Coach Ponyling! If you are feeling stressed or worried about finding paying clients, you are in the right place. Another word for “finding paying coaching clients” is MARKETING. Marketing is the lifeblood of your coaching business. Why? Because it’s how people find YOU. Because if no one finds you, then how can they hire

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