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Where We Stand

We want Coach Pony to be a safe space that empowers coaches. To help do that, here’s where we stand: 1) We stand with the Black community and the Black Lives Matter movement. 2) We are against systemic racism. 3) It’s time for a massive change. We believe that coaches – who are trained on

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How to Build a Successful Coaching Business (with plenty of clients!)

coach pony 5 business systems for life coaches

Let’s talk about the 5 systems you need to make your coaching business a success! Right now you are probably wondering how to build a successful coaching business. I get it – you want coaching clients! Given that, you might be focused on getting your first paid client, just desperately wanting to cross the rubicon

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A HUGE Marketing Mistake (Plus the Fix!)

Hey Coach Ponyling! If you are feeling stressed or worried about marketing, you are in the right place. Marketing is the lifeblood of your coaching business. Why? Because if people don’t know about you, how can they hire you as their life coach? So get ready to spend time spreading the awesome word about YOU.

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