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The Hidden Secret to How Structure Your Day as a New Coach (Plus An Update On How I Spend Mine!)

Hey awesome person! One of the most common questions I get after “How do I get paying clients?” (here’s a blog!) and “What do I need to do to be successful as a coach?” (here’s another!) is “Seriously, how do I structure my day?” So I can give you a lot of pretty common tips […]

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Why I Shut Down My Free Facebook Group, And Other Grumpy Business Lessons

Should you start a Facebook Group?

Do you ever overthink a decision? Agonize about it, going back and forth while you anxiously chew your nails or think about eating more chocolate? Me too! 🙂 My latest business decision involves what I like to call “Annoying Uncle Matthew” (i.e., a relative we can’t get rid of even though we desperately do not […]

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The Free Business Secret Weapon You’ve Been Missing (No – Not Wine!)

Quick question: Who is your best “business friend?” Did you immediately have a name pop up, or did you think “ummm….?” I define best business friend as someone else who is a coach (or an entreprenuer who understands the industry), is in-it-to-win-it, and who supports you in your business, the same way you support them. […]

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Not Getting Clients? The #1 Website Mistake You Might Be Making

The #1 Website mistake that scares coaching clients

Here’s a question: What’s the first thing people think about when they land in your website? Got your answer? Good! Did you say “Who are you and how can you help me?” You get a gold star! (And YOU get a gold star. And YOU get a gold star! I’m pretending to be Oprah!). Anyway, […]

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The Unglamorous Side of Being a Coach

Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed, and seen endless ads from coaches talking about how they “retired their husbands in 3.5 weeks!” or “Live in Paris on a cloud of diamonds!” or something else equally fake-glamorous? Me, I’m SO over it. That’s not what it’s really like to be a successful coach! […]

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How to Start a Coaching Business (That *Actually* Makes Money)

How to start a life coaching business

Starting a coaching business can feel kind of overwhelming, no? For instance: Are you sitting here, reading this, desperately wanting to know how to start your coaching business, but also wanting to lie down because there’s SO MUCH TO KNOW? Is this the first, or 400th, article you’ve read  on “How to start a coaching […]

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How to Build a Sales Funnel as a Coach

How to build a sales funnel in your coaching business

Many successful coaches present running a life coaching business as this amazing thing. And it is! However: Sometimes there are dark moments when you strike out on your own as a coach. For me, one of my darkest moments came when I actually had a pretty great month – less than one year into my […]

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A Totally Different Planning Post for 2018

I’ve been planning for my business for years now. You’d probably expect me to have a fine-tuned system down. In my mind, it would involve champagne, a butler, some sort of high tea, and my entire team high-fiving ourselves saying something like “Cheerio, another year perfectly planned. Thanks old chap!” (I’ve been watching WAAY TO […]

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Inside My Business: The Wonderful, Messy, Tiring Year in Review

Hey Coach Ponyling! One of the things I like to do at the end of the year is review my business. Actually, sometimes I don’t like to do it because I hate looking at data. But I reward myself with cookies! So that’s fun ;). Anyway, I think it’s important to have more honesty in […]

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The Big Free Mistake in Coaching

For most of the fall, the world was getting me down. I was struggling with the fire in my backyard in California, the floods, the hurricanes, the racism, the attacks, and the general suckiness of life right now. So I do what I always do, I went to my happy place. (My happy place is […]

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