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The Unglamorous Side of Being a Coach

Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed, and seen endless ads from coaches talking about how they “retired their husbands in 3.5 weeks!” or “Live in Paris on a cloud of diamonds!” or something else equally fake-glamorous? Me, I’m SO over it. That’s not what it’s really like to be a successful coach! […]

The Big Free Mistake in Coaching

For most of the fall, the world was getting me down. I was struggling with the fire in my backyard in California, the floods, the hurricanes, the racism, the attacks, and the general suckiness of life right now. So I do what I always do, I went to my happy place. (My happy place is […]

How to Price Private Coaching + An Inside Look at How I Priced Mine!

What you should charge as a private coach

You’ve done it! You’ve created a great private coaching program or built your first coaching course. Bravo! You step back, take a deep breath, and … …panic! What the h##%%%LL do you charge for it? If you ask too much, people won’t buy, right? But if you ask too little, you can’t pay your rent […]