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Coaches: Here’s How to Stand Out

how to stand out

Billion dollar question: How do you stand out as a new coach? My answer…involves a story! Here goes: I was wandering around my neighborhood listening to the NPR “How I Built This” podcast. (I wander in my neighborhood like a crazy person). ANYWAY…This particular business was with Melissa Butler, about her makeup business, called The Lip Bar. Melissa

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How to Get Referrals (A Simple Way to Get Coaching Clients)

I know getting coaching clients is probably the big thing on your mind. Can I offer a suggestion? One interesting, and simple, way to get coaching clients is through referrals. For example: Referrals from other coaches who don’t serve your niche. Or: Referrals from related businesses who serve the same customers. (Like a divorce lawyer

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The Future of Life Coaching

is there room for me as a life coach?

Are you wondering if there are enough life coach jobs out there? This post has been updated for 2021. You probably have questions like: Does coaching have a future? Is it going to last as a career choice? SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN THE LAST YEAR!! (!!@#@!) Or you may be wondering: Is the coaching

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