Business Mistakes That Kill Your Relationships

Do you ever worry about making mistakes in your coaching business? Of course, you do!

Everyone makes mistakes. No matter what level you’re at– whether you hung up your shingle yesterday or you’ve been at this for years– mistakes are a normal part of moving your business forward. Welcome!

And not only are they normal, but coaches in all niches, at all revenue levels make many of the same mistakes. So, you aren’t alone!

This season, we’re diving into the mistakes coaches make when building their businesses. From contracts to relationships, to websites, we’ll cover it all to save you time and stress, and most of all, to remind you that everyone makes mistakes so you are in good company.

To help me with that, I’m teaming up with Bobbi Palmer from Date Like a Grownup. We have VERY different businesses, but we’ve made a lot of the same mistakes.

And one of the mistakes that we have both made in our businesses is in our relationships. Whether it’s mentors, friends, family, peers, or partners, you’re going to need people to rely on along the way. And if your priorities are out of line, you might find yourself without those people you need in your business, your life, and your heart.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How prioritizing your business over your relationships can actually hurt your business
  • Questions to ask yourself about how you want your work-life balance to look
  • Strategies for communicating with your loved ones early and often in your business journey
  • 3 tips to build better relationships as you build your business

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