Business Coach Tara McMullin – How I Got My First Paying Client

You don’t have to build the perfect sales funnel to have a thriving business.

You don’t have to have the perfect lead magnet or the perfect email automation behind it.  It’s not necessary to schedule another amazing photoshoot or to build an immaculate sales page.

What makes your business work is keeping things simple.

A clear offer and good relationships with both your clients and the people in your network can be all you need. Over-complicating things can actually make it harder for you to succeed, not easier.

In season one of our podcast we have been talking with experienced 6 and 7-figure coaches from different niches about how they got their very first paying client.

Today, we’re going to peer into the world of business coaching with Tara McMullin.

Tara is a coach, community builder, podcaster, and writer. She’s the founder of What Works, a digital platform for small business owners who are building strong, resilient, and sustainable companies. She’s also the co-founder of YellowHouse.Media, a podcast production agency that helps entrepreneurs create standout podcasts that grow their businesses.

Tara has a ton of wisdom. Her podcast, What Works, has been downloaded over 2 million times and boasts over 300 interviews with small business owners.

I love how both of her platforms are helping clients build strong and resilient companies.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why her very first client is still one of the things that she is most proud of in her business career
  • What she used to charge for her services and what she charges now
  • The story of her absolute worst moment as a coach, and how she got past it
  • Why she is taking a break from group coaching and moving back to her first love–private coaching

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