In just 12 days...


Make your life easy!


In just 12 days...




Make your life easy!

You want to start a coaching business, but...

You are feeling overwhelmed!

And confused. And stuck. You keep asking yourself...

What *on earth* should you focus on first?

Contracts. Finding clients. Instagram. Networking. Naming your business. 

It’s so much!

So many things to do to start your coaching business…it's exhausting.

(Which leads to you on the couch, remote in hand)

Here's a secret: Most of those things don’t matter in the beginning. 


People don’t buy your coaching because it has a cool name.

Or because your website is an interesting color.  

(Really, think about it - when is the last time you spent $1000 or more for a service just because the logo was perfect?)

The real stuff that matters is you.

You having a confident coaching offer that is irresistible to your clients. 

What makes coaching irresistible to clients?

Coaching becomes irresistible when you are confident in your offer, and your clients are confident you can help them.  

That’s it.

That’s when people buy.

Super simple, but the best things usually are!


So how do you *become* so darn irresistible?

The easiest way to become irresistible to clients is to focus on the 4 things that really matter.

And we have a formula for that.

It’s our MNOP formula.

Or, in other words: Mindset, Niche, Offer, and Pricing.

This is what we'll cover in our 12 day Jumpstart Bootcamp. Allow me to explain further...



If you aren't confident in your coaching, it's hard to attract clients who are. Successful coaches believe in themselves and their work, and it's hard to say no to that!

So let's start to banish your worries and fears like "Will anyone hire me?" or "What if people think I'm a fraud?" and get your mind right so your business takes off. If you spend all of your time second guessing yourself, you aren't doing what you need to do to get clients! This is why we start Bootcamp with mindset, and everything we do throughout the program will only make you more confident!



Niche is not just about who you want to serve, it’s also about communicating what you do as a coach in a way that makes people say “I want that!”

Imagine if you were struggling with finding the perfect dress, so you could be confident when you went to a big 15 year reunion. You were feeling less than great about your weight, and you wanted to feel stunning…but without having to wear anything uncomfortable that required *cough* underpinnings.

Then you met a stylist who said: “I help women find a beautiful and comfortable dress for their next event, so they can feel lovely and confident.” 

Wouldn’t that immediately grab your attention and make you say: “I want that!” (Yes!).

We do the niche as our second step because it's hard to create a great offer without knowing who you serve. Bottom line: This is how you focus as a coach, and get people interested in working with you.



Coaching can feel really intangible to many, and often our prospective clients don’t *really* understand how it works.

When you try and describe your coaching to them, you sound vague and use words like "clarity" and "consciousness" and you can see their attention wandering.

Long story short: You don't feel confident. And they say no.

The antidote to all of that is your OFFER.

Creating a great, structured, coaching offer that illustrates the power of what you do is ENTICING. It makes coaching feel both tangible and effective.

And when clients are enticed by something that is clearly awesome, they want to say yes

But I've saved the best for last!

Having a great offer also makes you feel credible. You can explain coaching! You have something to show for it! Your confidence blooms and your potential clients begin to lean in.



Money can bring up a whole host of doubts and issues. “Who will pay me for this?” “Am I even worth it?” “What if I charge too much and no one says yes? WHAT THEN?!!”

You aren’t alone.

Choosing a price is important.

Because if you share your price like a question - or worse, price so low it's laughable - you can see the client mentally walk out the door.

Imagine if a doctor said: "My price is.... $30?" And then stared at your hopefully. Would you trust them, or would you immediately pull back?

Bottom line: If you aren’t confident in your prices or your value, why should they invest? And if you don't charge enough to support yourself, how will you make it? Bootcamp to the rescue!

And that's it! Super simple.

MNOP = confidence.

Coaching becomes hard to resist when you are confident in your offer, and your clients are confident you can help them.  

That’s when they say yes!

Tired of spinning your wheels? Let's jumpstart your business! Enroll and begin immediately.

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What do I get in Bootcamp?

  • Step-by-step short and simple daily training automatically delivered to your inbox each day, starting as soon as you enroll. The training involves video lessons and email lessons. You'll get one lesson per day over 12 days!
  • Worksheets to help you make progress, so you always know what to do next. Print them out and go to town!
  • A detailed breakdown of our MNOP formula. So if you are struggling with Mindset, Niche, Your Offer or Pricing, you are in the right place!
  • Automated accountability *and* a kick in the pants. We've got our Team Pony Ponies watching you, and periodically you'll be asked to submit your homework for accountability before the Bootcamp will continue. If you feel stuck or constantly overthink things, this will help you!
  • Confidence. Using our formula you'll finally start to feel confident as a coach. Yay!
  • Peace of mind. The Bootcamp is a 12-day experience that starts as soon as you sign up, with one small task or insight per day. Not for you? You have 14 days from purchase to ask for a refund!

PRICE: $97

Can I ask for a refund if it's not for me?

Absolutely. The Bootcamp is 12 days long and starts immediately, and you have 14 days to ask for a refund. No hard feelings if you do. Just shoot us an email.

What is a "Bootcamp" exactly?

It's not your typical online course that will sit on your shelf, that's for sure! This is a 12 day DIY online experience designed to give your coaching business a jumpstart! Instead of logging into a portal and getting bored, we've set things up a bit differently, to keep you engaged and on your toes.

All you have to do is open your email every day, and we'll tell you what to do, sort of like showing up to a fitness class. And if you don't do the work, the Ponies are watching and will automatically follow up with you. IMPORTANT: To stay in the program you will have to take action when we prompt you, and you'll have no more than 30 days to complete the course. So if you like accountability, you are in the right place!

How it works: We'll give you small, manageable daily tasks and exercises via recorded video lessons and email lessons, and then you'll get to work. That's it, super simple. You start as soon as you sign up. Why wait?

So say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to motivation and accomplishment, and come ready to work!

I love learning things live. Is this live?

No. The Bootcamp is DIY, designed to automatically lead you through the process of making your coaching irresistible. But we've got some extra help: While it's not a live program, we'll be using the Ponies of Coach Pony to track your progress and help hold you accountable. In fact, for the program to continue you'll have to complete your assignments.

How long will I have access for, and how much time will it take per day?

To help make sure you complete the program, we give you 30 days to finish. That's more than twice as long as it will take you, so don't panic! We give you a time limit to keep you motivated.

And we try and keep things super simple and bite-sized, so expect to spend 10-25 minutes a day, depending on the day. The Bootcamp starts as soon as you sign up.

I'm not a beginner so I want more advanced help on sales and marketing, like running ads. Is this for me?

No. This Bootcamp is designed for those just starting out, who need super simple, straight-forward help to get going on the pieces you MUST do first. If you want all of the things PLUS live support, please check out Build A REAL Business, it has everything.

What will I accomplish in the 12 days?

SO MUCH! You'll have worked on your mindset, niche, coaching offer and pricing. Your business will have a huuuuge kick in the pants, and you'll be on your way!

Or put another way, you'll be more confident in what you do as a coach, and that means you'll be super attractive to your clients. How good would that feel?

Who are you and why should I trust you?

My name is Christie Mims and I’m the founder of Coach Pony.

I love sitting on the couch and not talking to people in real life, because I’m an introvert. I'm also lazy, and therefore I like making things easy *and also* apparently wearing the color orange :).

After 11+ years as a full-time coach, awards from Forbes, and reaching millions of people and thousands of clients, I know of NOTHING easier for new coaches than the MNOP formula. Get your niche, mindset, offer and pricing right, and you've got the basis of a strong business.

So if you are a fan of small tasks, making progress, and not wasting time (and also maybe chocolate), you are in the right place!

Join us!

So are you ready to jumpstart your business?

It's a smart move to stop spinning your wheels and get some help. It's also smart to not waste time on the stuff that doesn't matter at first.

What would be different for you if you felt more confident about your coaching and had an offer outlined that made clients say "I WANT THAT?"

In 12 days you can.

Let's jumpstart your business for only $97!!