Season 2 – Money Paths: How Coaches Make Money

As a life coach, one big question you’ve got to answer right away is how will you make money?  Should you coach privately, group coach, write a book, host a retreat, or something else? Frankly, it’s an important question because if you choose the wrong money path, you could waste time, energy, and money. For

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Health Coach Steve Adams – How I Got My First Paying Client

Specificity is everything. Knowing who your client is inside and out connects you with the right people. The ones who you know you can really help. The ones you’re excited to work with. The ones who will tell their friends about how you’re a total game-changer. It’s more than demographics. It’s knowing their pain points,

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Coaches: Here’s How to Stand Out

how to stand out

Billion dollar question: How do you stand out as a new coach? My answer…involves a story! Here goes: I was wandering around my neighborhood listening to the NPR “How I Built This” podcast. (I wander in my neighborhood like a crazy person). ANYWAY…This particular business was with Melissa Butler, about her makeup business, called The Lip Bar. Melissa

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