My 5 Favorite Books to Improve Your Life Coaching Techniques (and Business!)

life coach books

Do you love to read life coaching books?

Me too!

Books are so great, as they don’t mind if you are in your pj’s AND reading is work you can do lying down. EVERYONE WINS.

But why not go even a step further? Why not choose books that will improve your life coaching skills as well as your business skills?


So what are the best life coaching books, business books, or books on life coaching techniques that will help you and your business?

*Rubs hands gleefully*


1) Essentialism

If you haven’t read Essentialism, you MUST! It’s one of our favorite non-life coach but *actually* life coach books here at Coach Pony, as it’s all about how to stay focused and make tremendous progress in your life on your most important goals. (Also, it helps you figure out your most important goals!). With tips and ideas that are applicable to both your coaching business and your coaching clients, it’s well worth the read.

2) Atomic Habits

Sometimes making progress can feel overwhelming. It’s SO MUCH. But what if you could make huge gains simply by getting 1% better at something over time? This is the message of Atomic Habits, and it’s packed with knowledge and clear and easy steps to help you (and your clients) implement and stick to some truly life changing habits.

3) Miracle Morning

What if you could have an extra hour every morning that would set each and every day up for success? Even if you hate to wake up? This is what Miracle Morning is all about, creating the time, space, and agenda for you to feel more grounded, focused, and smarter as you experience a lovely start to your day. With a focus on meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise and journaling, the book gives you a wonderful outline to fast-track your progress and help you meet your potential. The ideas discussed in the book will be additional tools in your pocket to try with your clients!

4) How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book is an oldy-but-goody for a reason: It is awesome! As a coach, being good at human connection is critical. And most coaches will end up helping their clients with this skill as well, as clients build their own community to help them reach their goals. Filled with fun stories and tips for creating relationships and making people feel seen and heard, this book is still worth a read.

5) Money Paths

Okay, this book is just for YOU as a coach. Because if you want to coach full-time and change lives, you need to be able to support yourself. If you can’t support yourself, then you can’t support your clients. A simple overview of the 6 major money paths coaches can take to build their business, including information on how much you can expect to make on each path and how to get started, this book will save you time and money (and most importantly, stress!), and set you on the right path for your business.

Wait, there’s one more thing to read – but it’s free!

Before you rush off and start selling life coaching, did you know that people don’t *actually buy life coaching? Seriously! This is where most coaches go wrong.

So read this super helpful article on what people actually buy when they hire a life coach (and how to talk to your clients about coaching), so you are ready to successfully share your gifts with the world. You are awesome!

Click here to read it!


*These books are posted via affiliate links, which means Coach Pony will get *a tiny bit* of money if you click through and purchase the book from Amazon. These books are all ones we’ve read (or written!) and loved!