Hey, Coach! There’s room for you in this billion+ dollar industry.

But you have to make it for yourself.

Don’t panic, we’ll show you how!

Join Build a REAL Business and we’ll teach you the simple way to build a lasting coaching business full of happy, paying clients. Just like our students…

“I filled my business to one client over capacity”

“I’m doing 10K months!”

“I had to hire an assistant, I’m so busy!”


But not just *a few* clients. A real business full of clients.

And by “real business” we mean a profitable, lasting business that pays your rent, supports your family, and lets you buy all of the fancy chocolate.

But how do you get that amazing business?
You’ve probably got a few questions!

Questions like…

And you also have a lot of doubts…

You want a real, full-time coaching business.
Maybe one with…

A wait-list of clients, and tons of flexibility

maybe you only coach on Tues-Thurs!

Or a course you’ve sold out

again and again and again

Plus a long list of testimonials

real tangible signs that you’ve made a difference

And money in the bank that allows for plenty of freedom

however you define it.

But there’s a problem.

There’s a huge gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

How do I market my business?
What if I hate social media?

How do I find clients?

How do I have a sales conversation
that doesn’t feel sleazy?

How do I make enough
to quit my job?

How do get new clients
regularly? Like, every week?

How do I offer a coaching course?

How do I price my program?
What’s too much or too little?

What if no one pays me?

In order to succeed, you need to bridge that gap.

The good news: Building a business isn’t rocket science.
You can absolutely do it, even if you have no business background or skills.

All you need to do is learn.
Not coaching skills, but BUSINESS SKILLS.


Then once you set up your systems, you can focus on growing them!

That’s it! That’s business in a nutshell. Set up repeatable business systems, then refine, tweak and grow them.

So how do you bridge the knowledge gap and create your systems?

There’s so much noise out there!

There are tons of business programs, people, blogs, podcasts all chock full of wildly different advice on pricing, programs, offers, sales, even if you should niche or not. It’s overwhelming.

What if it didn’t have to be so confusing or hard?

It doesn’t.

Enter: BARB.

She’s not a person, but she’ll help you
Build a REAL Business and get paid to coach.

BARB is your simple, one-stop-training community to build a real, profitable business full of happy, paying clients.


Learn the 5 core business systems and start getting clients!


Refine your business systems and go full-time as a coach!


Focus on your best offer so you can reach multiple 6 figures as a coach!

Start, grow and scale your coaching business in a simple, systematic way.

Most business coaching programs only teach you the basics, and then leave you on your own. But not BARB!

BARB is an amazing community, ongoing training program + experience aimed at helping you build a real, lasting business that you *actually* enjoy.

We aren’t interested in you getting one or two clients. We want you to get MANY CLIENTS and stick around coaching for years.

To that end: In our program there’s no woo-woo vibe or vague advice like “share your story.” Instead, we show you the systems and the steps, and you just do the work and follow them!

Here’s the truth: Successful coaching businesses don’t happen overnight. Building one takes consistency and a willingness to show up and do the work.

How it started in BARB:

“I closed seven students in my first group program for 2500 Euros each (I now charge €2,999)!”

How it’s going:

“My business is going so well I sold out my program and had to hire someone to help me, and I have a micro micro niche! I must say that without BARB I had nothing. I am a master at selling because of the journey and lessons in BARB.

I’m celebrating! I’m a finalist for an award in my industry. Again, couldn’t have done it without BARB and CP help.”

– Sandra Kim Jordaan, The Yacht Purser

A good business with a steady stream of clients consists of 5 simple business systems


Here’s your roadmap to build the 5 business systems you need

Build your 5 core business systems and learn to get clients on repeat.

In Phase 1, you’ll build your firm business foundation right from the start. Whether you are just starting out, or you are a coach who has been experimenting without a lot of success, we’ll teach you the business systems you need so that the right clients come to you on repeat. Each week a new module will unlock to keep you focused and not overwhelmed.

Phase 1: START

Coaching System

You’ll focus on defining and testing your niche, so you know it can support you, and then you’ll move into building out your packages and setting your prices. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to be credible as a coach, even if you are brand new!

Sales System

Take the sleaze out of sales and learn timeless principles so that you have sales conversations and sales funnels that actually feel good…to you and to your clients.

Education System

Learn exactly what content to put on your website homepage, about page, and services page so people really want to buy your coaching. You’ll also develop your own personal branding, create excellent web copy (even if you hate writing!), and build a great automated email sales funnel, so that you can nurture people and sell coaching while asleep!

Marketing System

There’s no “one size fits all” in marketing. You’ll learn how to build an effective marketing plan that won’t exhaust you, based entirely on your unique strengths (so if you hate Instagram, you don’t have to do it!). Learn how to gently pull people into your world so they get excited about your coaching!

Onboarding System

You’ll learn how to onboard clients in a way that makes them feel great, and ready to get the most out of coaching with you. We’ll cover everything from what to put into your coaching contracts, to how to avoid refunds, to how to get great testimonials!

By the end of Phase 1, all of your core business systems will be set up, and your confidence as a coach will be sky-high! You will also be getting clients!

Get consistent and
go full-time.

In Phase 2 you’ll refine and improve the work you did in Phase 1, and start to learn how to think like a CEO. You’ll spend a few months building consistency in both your marketing and metrics, and develop your 6-figure growth plan. And as a result, your business will grow!

Phase 2: GROW

Marketing Bootcamp

You’ll get more serious about your marketing and metrics, and learn how to attract more people and fast-track what’s working in your marketing in this 10 day advanced training.

Your 100K Growth Plan

Now that your marketing is in top shape, you are ready to grow and develop your $100,000+ growth plan. Use the provided template and follow the training to build your step-by-step plan to grow to six-figures (and beyond).

Metrics and Numbers

You’ll learn the most important numbers to track, so you never feel lost or confused about your business. And if numbers scare you, don’t worry! We’ll give you a simple tracking system.

Diagnosing Problems in Your Business

You’ll learn how to fix anything that’s not working!

By the end of Phase 2 everything will be in place for your business to go from side-hustle to full-time!

Simplify and scale your revenue into multiple six figures.

Not every coach wants to grow their business to this level, and that’s okay! But for those that do, in Phase 3 you’ll learn how to put together the mindset, team and offer that will take your business to the next level.

Phase 3: SCALE

Mindset Training for Expansion

With every new level, there’s new mindset work to be done. You’ll start Phase 3 digging into developing your expansion mindset so you can scale more quickly.

Identify Your Scalable Offer

Now that you’ve tried different things in your business, you are going to identify and double-down on the one offer that will help you scale to new heights.

Scalable Sales Funnels

Learn how to build a sales funnel that will let you grow your big offer without making you work harder. Refine the business systems that you built in Phase 1, and learn how to make them more efficient to reach more people more quickly.

Delegate and Hire

It’s time to expand your team and focus on your area of genius. You’ll learn how to hire the right people for the right jobs (and when!).

Increase Your Reach

When scaling an offer it’s important to be more visible. You’ll develop a plan to get more people to see your stuff and pour gasoline on your marketing.

By the end of Phase 3 your business will be set up for dramatic growth!

Want more detail? Awesome!

How it started in BARB:

“Celebration alert: I just closed my first package in my new coaching business. My client was a stranger when I started the BARB program, and now she has paid upfront $3000 for a 3 month package. You rock, Christie Mims.”

How it’s going:

“I’ve been doing steady 10K months! I have a good problem thanks in part to you, my 1:1 coaching practice is full and I have a waitlist.”

– Benjamin Easter, Lucid Shift Coaching


We are the community you’ve been looking for!

We offer structured training, support, and community, and you’ll get access to everything for a year, because building a real business takes more than just a few weeks.

Included is all of the key training you need to start and grow a coaching business, + real live support, so you don’t feel alone!

Step-by-Step Training

Never feel lost or confused, or wonder “what do I do now?” You’ll always know exactly what to do next with our super concrete training that keeps you focused on what’s important NOW.

5 Core Business Systems

Want to create a steady stream of clients? No problem, every successful coach uses these same strategic systems to get clients on repeat. In the first 9 weeks of our program, you’ll have yours set up!

3 Phases of Business

Get help with starting, growing, and scaling your coaching business in this program. Unlike others that kick you out after 5 or 6 weeks, we’ll stick with you as you grow your business!

A Fabulous Community

You’ll never feel alone. When you join BARB you’ll get a community of over 1,400 coaches who are ready and willing to help you, and understand exactly what you want to do. Bonus: You’ll get to see inside other businesses!

Tremendous Live Support

Get real feedback on your work, get your questions answered, and always know you are on the right track via our student Facebook group and live, small group Zoom calls. Get feedback online or live (on Zoom): you’ve got options!

Video Lessons and Mastery Worksheets

Love to be able watch something more than once, or refer back to training? Like content that is straight to the point? Our video lessons and Mastery Worksheets will keep you focused. 

We ALSO have amazing extras you don’t see anywhere else…

Mindset Skills and Coaching Tools Library

This library is unique, you won’t find it in any other coaching business program. It features some of the most useful life coaching skills, plus helpful mindset tools, to make sure you and your clients are always moving forward.

Helpful Resource Guide

Ever want to see a real-life coaching contract? Or wonder how to find a good website designer or developer? Or even what kind of microphone to buy if you want to do webinars? This guide has you COVERED. It’s a deeply curated list of people, products and resources that we know work. It’ll save you time, stress and tears.

Advanced Training Vault

We never want to overwhelm you in BARB, which is why our training is both focused and structured. However, sometimes you have an advanced question or need, so we created the Advanced Training Vault just for you! Everything from how to price, plan and host a great retreat, to how to host a webinar. We’ve got you covered. Available in Phase 2.

Find clients in a way that works for you.

Choose your plan



(Save $300.)



$550 x 6

NOTE: This is not a subscription.


How BARB Works

Start right away

The program starts as soon as you sign up. You’ll get instant access to our student portal as soon as you enroll, and can immediately begin working on your niche and completing our welcome mindset work.

Then work through each phase in order, so you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

PHASE 1 START (10 weeks): Everyone who joins BARB will start at the beginning with Phase 1, so that you build a firm business foundation. Each week a new module will automatically unlock, one per week over 10 weeks, to help keep you focused and motivated. In this part of the program you’ll create your 5 core business systems and start landing paying clients.

PHASE 2 GROW (As long as needed): Once you have completed Phase 1, you’ll fill out your graduation checklist when you are ready and then Phase 2 will unlock. In this phase of the program you’ll focus on refining what you created in Phase 1, digging into numbers and metrics, and doubling down on what is working so you can quickly grow your business to be full-time as a coach.

PHASE 3 SCALE: Once you have completed Phase 2 and gained more coaching clients, you’ll fill out your graduation checklist to progress to Phase 3 and start scaling your business into multiple 6 figures.

Work at your own pace. You have plenty of time.

Need help or have a question?

Bring your questions and work to our student Facebook group where our BARB mentor is at the ready, or hop on one of our regular weekly live support calls for help!

Live Support and Community


Being around people who are having success is the easiest way to create that success in your own life. And…getting your questions answered also helps!


Get regular feedback from our BARB mentor in our dedicated student Facebook group.


Each week we offer one live small group call, or community mastermind, so come and talk in real life! This is not a program where there are a thousand people on a call, instead you’ll be in a small group where you’ll get your question answered. Here’s an example of the different types of calls: 

  • Niche and Marketing
  • Mindset and Mastermind
  • Action & Accountability
  • Phase 2 Metrics & Growth

You’ve found your herd!


We are for coaches, by coaches, and you’ll feel the love when you join us.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and lost in your coaching business!

Choose your plan



(Save $300.)



$550 x 6

NOTE: This is not a subscription.


14-Day No-Risk Guarantee

Try BARB at no risk! BARB comes with a 100% no-risk guarantee. Our hope is that your business is transformed via the business skills you develop through this program.

We also expect you to give it your all, because change requires work – sadly there is no magic bullet to building a coaching business. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 14 Day Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the Module 1 coursework.

If you do the full Module 1 coursework, don’t feel that it helped you, and submit your mastery sheet within 14 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework requirements within the 14 day period, no refund will be issued. It’s up to you to submit on time.

“I’ve served over 40 one-on-one clients and filled all of the slots for a group program.”

Before I started BARB, my coaching business was in its infancy. I had a few coaching clients, but almost all of them came through referrals. I struggled to market and sell my services and didn’t know what to do next. I was writing a weekly newsletter and posting on social media consistently. But it felt like I was missing a piece to a puzzle that I just couldn’t find. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t attracting more clients, and I wasn’t interested in joining all of the other gimmicky programs out there that promised I would make 6-figures in 6-minutes. Those messages didn’t ring true, and I was looking to build a business that could withstand the test of time.

When I finished the BARB program, my coaching business was a real business, as the program name implies. With the tools provided in the program, I created a marketing and sales strategy that I could rely on, and I became part of a community that I am able to go to for help and advice. BARB provided clarity and that clarity gave me the confidence I needed to run my business. I’ve served over 40 one-on-one clients. I also launched and filled all the slots for the first cohort of a group coaching program and have plans to expand my reach more significantly this year. I feel like the fundamentals I learned in BARB provided a solid foundation I needed to help my business grow, and I’m so glad I made the decision to join the program.”

– Toya Gavin, Legally Bold and Woke Up Worthy

“I have 9 clients at $10,000 each!”

Working with Coach Pony was one of the best decisions I ever made in my business. If you follow the steps, you will have everything you need to build a flourishing business. I have 9 clients at $10,000 each!’

Myles H. Smith, Empower Transitions

“I 5’xd my earnings from last year!”

I 5’xd my earnings from last year! I also just ran the second session of my 8 week relationship group coaching course for men. It’s a group of dedicated, focused guys daring to figure out their relationship lives and I’m loving it. Thank you Christie! My ability to do this is built so much on the foundation you teach us here and the support of this community.”

Matt Hilliard Ford, Relationships That Work

“I’m $4700 away from breaking $100,000!”

All of the things you taught me in BARB helped sooo much. Thank you!”

Amy Ashley Sanchez, Swim Against the Current

“I’ve closed $11,600 worth of coaching” (before launching!)

Before I started BARB, I had no idea who I wanted to coach on what. I had a big list of things I didn’t want, a few ideas of things that sounded cool, and no idea how to start.

Because of the BARB program, I felt confident telling people in the dog park, at the coffee shop, or at a tech conference how I could help leaders and academics in emerging fields deliver accessible, high-impact talks AND I had a few sales calls on the calendar

Today, my coaching business is starting to look like a real business and is quickly becoming my primary source of income. This quarter I’ve already closed $11,600 worth of coaching and will be formally launching early next quarter!”

Tre Balchowsky, Trebalchowsky.com

“I was able to shift from coaching on the side to having a real business!”

“Just DO it! I almost didn’t sign up because of the investment and BARB is SO much more valuable than I thought it would be. During the program I got new clients and was able to shift from coaching-on-the-side to having a real business!”

Dana Conley, Life Harmony

“In less than 5 weeks we made $29,000 from a brand new group coaching program!

“We didn’t have a fancy website or marketing, but we did get really clear on our ICA, Dreams and Pain Points (thanks to BARB). I’m super grateful for Christie Mims and the support here in this group!”

Natalie Barron, Core Creation Coaching

“It’s official! I have handed in my resignation. Bali here I come!”

“Realisation has hit me that never again will I have to write a CV or work for someone else. Bali, incredible life and coaching business, here I come!”

Caitlin Taylor, Warrioress Business Coach

But it’s not just about big wins.

Building a lasting business is about making progress each week – from niching to websites to sales!

For example, here are some weekly wins from our students:

BARB is by Coaches, for Coaches.

  • No “one-size-fits-all.” Your business is special and should work for you.
  • No “I will teach you the one specific way that worked for me.” As coaches, we are all different. You are going to learn timeless business strategies, not just one random approach that worked for one coach.
  • No vague teachings that make you regret signing up. We are all about concrete systems and steps, clear examples, and lots of help.
  • No failure to finish. Here in BARB we have a focus on action and community so you keep going (in other words, we aren’t another program that will sit on your shelf).

“The first program I have gone through from beginning to end”

Hi Christie! First off, I just wanted to say thank you thank you THANK YOU for this BARB program! I will say, without shame, this is the first program I have gone through from beginning to end and stayed on track with! I was so motivated because of how clearly you were able to break everything down in order to establish the systems and foundations I needed for my business. I would have never made it this far without BARB, thank you for this amazing program!

– Latoya Braithwaite

Compare BARB to other programs…

Business basics5 Core Business SystemsBy coaches, for coachesA community of coachesA full year of ongoing supportCoaching Skills and Tools LibraryPrice
Business Training Programs$$
1-on-1 Business Coaching$$$

Don’t just take our word for it…

Get the support you need to do the work you love!

Choose your plan



(Save $300.)



$550 x 6

NOTE: This is not a subscription.


On the fence? BARB is for you if you…

  • Identify as a self-starter and action-taker, who is committed to coaching. You know you can do this, you just need the guidance and tools to get there.
  • Are willing to try new things, and learn by doing.
  • Believe that focus, discipline, and hard work are the keys to business success.
  • Love the idea of a whole group supporting you!

BARB is NOT right if you…

  • Prefer 1:1 business coaching.
  • Want advice on legal and/or tax structures (we don’t cover these on purpose, as our clients come from all over the world and every county, state and country is different).
  • Are looking for quick hacks and sleazy tactics. BARB requires hard work, creativity, and willingness to try.
  • Skip around a lot, and don’t like to finish things.
  • Let small decisions keep you stuck rather than dive in, get messy, and do the work.

“I got so much more out of BARB than I did by working one-on-one with other coaches

“I got so much more out of BARB than I did by working one-on-one with other coaches even though this was a group and not an individual coaching program! I absolutely got my money’s worth.”

– Denise Cskay, The Firefly Moment

If you’ve read this far…

Then you owe it to to yourself to consider this:

What if just one idea, technique, or skill in BARB led you to results like these…

(But seriously, these
are real results!)
  • “I sold out my course – I have to offer more seats next time!“
  • “I had to hire an assistant because things are so busy!“
  • “I opened my inbox and saw the NICEST testimonial from a client. It gave me all of the feels.“
  • “3 more clients booked this week (!!).“
  • “Just met with my publisher and turned in my book. Yes!“
  • “My coaching went from side hustle to full-time job.”

Say Goodbye To…


Feeling alone. We give you A YEAR of support, because building a business takes longer than a few weeks.


We give you step-by-step training and guidance to start, grow, and scale your business. No other program offers this.


We give you amazing ongoing live support via our group and live calls, so you get your questions answered.

Say Hello To…

A sense of relief, and finally feeling confident.

This is what you want to do, and we are here to help make sure your dream happens!

Remember: We have a risk-free guarantee so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s time to get paid to coach!



(Save $300.)



$550 x 6

NOTE: This is not a subscription.


You’ve met BARB, now meet Christie and Team Pony

Coach Pony was started in reaction to all the sleazy Facebook ads out there telling you that you can make 6 figures as a coach overnight.

It’s a safe space for people who want to build real businesses with solid foundations to learn, support each other, and get brutal honesty on what it’s like to be a successful coach day in and day out (no to sitting on a pile of jewels, yes to chocolate on the pants).

And, if you are wondering about me, this is the place where most coaches would tell you their rags to riches story, something sort of like this: “I was a mess and alone with nothing but my stilettos, and now I make a million dollars and live on a chocolate cloud!”

But I’m not going to do that, because my story shouldn’t matter as much as what I’ve been able to create.

So, instead, here’s an honest list of some things I’ve done in my business in the last decade:

  • Forbes named me a Top 100 for careers. (I started as a career coach and still maintain that side of my business. I’m not a coach who grew up selling coaching to coaches.)
  • In the beginning, I only did private coaching. I went from charging $2,500 to $6,500 for one coaching package and ultimately built my private career coaching program to be application-only.
  • I’ve built large-scale group coaching programs that took my private coaching 6-figure business to well above 7 figures.
  • I’ve served thousands of paying clients, and my work has reached over 2 million people.
  • I’ve written a book (and turned it into an evergreen program that makes me money every month).
  • I’ve hired other coaches to work for me and coach my career clients one-on-one.
  • I’ve gone from a one-woman operation to a 4-person team.
  • I’ve created multiple successful client retreats and had my business take me on vacation.

I want you to succeed. That’s it. That’s all I care about.

You can’t help others if you can’t support yourself. The more coaches I make successful in business, the more people in the world can get the help they need.

Get step-by-step help that actually works!



(Save $300.)



$550 x 6

NOTE: This is not a subscription.


Frequently Asked Questions