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It’s time to build your coaching business

Don’t be scared! We have chocolate.

Join Build a REAL Business and get happy, paying clients

Build a REAL Business is a 9-week program aimed at getting you happy, paying clients. Relax we’ve got you!

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get instant access to our student portal, complete with audio, video and all the training you need to be a successful coach. The program will unlock over 9 weeks, so you’ll never be lost or confused.*

*Wine optional 🙂    

It comes with a fabulous community of people who get what it means to be a life coach.

Getting tired of the side-eye from your spouse or friends when you talk about building a life coaching business? Wish you could find people who “get” it? No worries! You’ll get an entire community of awesome people as a part of the BARB program. No more feeling lonely.


Get tons of support. Seriously.

If you are someone who wants to be able to ask questions, get stuff reviewed, and get access to the brains behind the operation you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE. No program like this would be complete without access to the teachers, so Christie, the Coach Pony founder, stops into our community weekly and has regular online office hours where you can ask her anything! (Feel free. Challenge us!).  

The best training I’ve ever had. 15 new paying clients!

Ann Sutton