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What To Do When People Hate Your Business

What to do when people hate your business | coaching business | entreprenuer

  Selling coaching, or selling shoes – which is harder? I’m going to say COACHING every single time. Why? Because as a coach, you are ultimately selling yourself. Your skills and unique approach are what you are offering, and that’s a very personal thing. Which makes it easy to *not* want to promote yourself. Especially […]

The 4 Tools Every New Coach Should Use

4 tools every new coach should use

Hey Coach Ponylings! The second most painful part of starting my business involved technology. (The first was learning how to sell! Here are some of my selling mistakes, if you are curious). In the beginning, I was almost instantly overwhelmed by all of the tools out there, and I struggled to know WHICH tools I […]

How to Market Your Coaching Business: Part 2

How to really market your business

Hey Coach Ponyling! I used to be scared of marketing, but you know what? Now I’m someone who LOVES it. Marketing is FUN! Here’s why I like it: It’s creative, it’s interesting, and it has an immediate payoff for your business. So let’s talk about it more, shall we? Last week I wrote about how […]

How I Got My First $2500 Client (Feel Free To Steal)

how I got my first client

Hey CoachPonyling! Right now I’m in the middle of a big launch for my career business, The Revolutionary Club.  We’ve got 7 different landing pages, 4 major marketing platforms, thousands of people participating in a live challenge, 3 upcoming webinars, two sales pages, and I’ll send 35+ different emails over the next few days. I […]