2 Big Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Run Ads as a New Life Coach

Are facebook ads worth it?

Hey Coach Ponyling!

You might be wondering, “Are Facebook ads worth it?”

You see them EVERYWHERE.

In fact, you *might* have even found this site via a Facebook ad.

And yet I’m here to tell you that NO. Right now, for you, Facebook ads are NOT worth it.

So, am I, a life coach running ads, telling you NOT to run ads? If you are thinking “What now?” and “Seriously??#@!”

I see your point.

But I raise you TWO CRUCIAL points :).

Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t pay for advertising, like Facebook ads, as a new life coach.

Reason 1 why Facebook ads are not worth it: You can make your first 6 figures with all the major free marketing platforms already.

As a new coach you probably don’t have a ton of extra money to dump into your business, and you know you should spend what money you have wisely, like on figuring out how NOT to fail (here’s a great article to help you!).

So here’s a fun fact: You don’t need ads in the beginning. Seriously!

All of the major marketing platforms out there, like LinkedIn, Networking, Public Speaking, Instagram, Writing, Podcasting, Youtube etc, can all help you reach your first 6 figures *without* spending a dime, separately.

So you only have to choose ONE of them.

For example: I used public speaking as a new coach first starting out 7 years ago (here’s how I got my first $2500 client if you are curious), and that’s how I made my first 6 figures.

Sure, I had a few social media accounts that I either 1) Was incompetent on and/or 2) Wasn’t actually updating. So basically all I did was speak to market myself.

And the money came in.

Do you hate public speaking?

I get that.

After awhile I personally discovered I didn’t want to leave my house, and that I enjoy wearing PJ’s all day. So, I then shifted gears and made my second and third and 4th six figures primarily by writing.

I stopped speaking entirely (true story!).

Guest blogging and writing a blog for my first (and a still existing business), the Revolutionary Club is what I mean by writing. The RevClub is a career coaching site if you are curious – I still maintain that side of my business to keep my hand in, as it were :).

Ad dollars spent = Zero.

Then I did some research, because it’s important to have more data, and I’ve personally found people who have done the same thing on just on Instagram, or just using podcasts, or just using Youtube, or just networking and never getting on social media. (Note: I’ve yet to meet anyone who made 6 figures as a coach solely using Twitter, but the rest, yes).

Yes, it can be done!

What you will need to do however, is get ready to spend a LOT of time learning.

Learning how to be AWESOME at the marketing channel you choose, whether it’s in-person networking or something else. Most people want a quick fix – which is basically a recipe for failure.

Just posting erratically on LinkedIn, for example, will not get you clients.

Learning how to use LinkedIn properly, including how to connect with people, how to write posts that engage, how to get content shared on that platform, what LinkedIn looks for in good content like blogs and so on and so forth WILL most likely net you clients. But, it takes work. Work that most people don’t want to do.

If you are willing, however, you already have a marketing advantage!

So pick a platform and go all in. And keep your money for now for important things like business training (here’s a good one!) that will teach you skills you need NOW.

Reason 2 why Facebook ads aren’t worth it: Your sales funnel probably doesn’t convert well yet.

If you saw the words “sales funnel” and started scratching your head, please walk away from any ad spend right now.

You are not ready.

A sales funnel is a strategic system you create to funnel great clients into your business in a way that ideally doesn’t feel either pushy or sleazy.

I’ll show you an example of mine later :).

When you set up a sales funnel, even a simple one that is mostly just personal conversations or free coaching sessions, you can start to predict your income.

For example: If you know that for every 3 people who do a free coaching session with you, one of them will say yes to paying you for a $2000 coaching package, you’ve got a good basic sales funnel!

Now you know that if you get people into 9 free sessions, you’ll get 3 paying coaching clients.

See, that’s predictable income for your coaching business!

Ads are a driver to your sales funnel. You use them to get people into the top of your funnel, which in this case is your free session.

If you don’t have a sales funnel, or you don’t know how yours converts, then you have NO IDEA how much to spend on ads, or if ad spend is even worth it!

It’s basically like setting money on fire.

Don’t set your money on fire!

Focus instead on building a sales funnel that converts, and then you can think more seriously about spending money on ads.

Here’s your homework

Think about how you like to market and choose ONE major marketing platform. If you like to write, choose writing! If you like to talk to people one-on-one, choose networking! If you love social media and are in the career space, choose LinkedIn! And so on and so forth.

Then let go of the rest, and for sure let go of ad spend until your business is a little more sophisticated and you have the numbers together to make something amazing happen.

Feel better instantly :).

Why I’m able to spend money on Facebook + Google Ads and a peek behind the curtain 🙂

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, which is why I’m spending money on ads but telling you not to.

Well, I’m able to spend money on ads because I’ve been in business for years and my sales funnel is solid. It’s tested, I know exactly how it converts, and therefore I get a return on investment for my ad spend. I am not setting money on fire :).

If you want to see my sales funnel in action (I highly recommend looking at how other coaches sell coaching just for your own learning), then go and read this awesome free article series on how to get PAYING CLIENTS, and see if you can spot what I’m doing with my sales funnel :).

Bonus: It’s a really helpful article that I guarantee will help your business, separate from all of the sales funnel stuff, because who doesn’t want paying clients, right? Enjoy!